Korean Q&A

Thanks to Yugi for sharing and translating.
Q. Is there any plan to change Premium ammo ability or remove it from game?
A. There is no plan to remove Premium ammo but maybe some of ammo ability will be changed.
Q. Will 25% RNG be changed?
A. There is no plan for it.
Q. Small caliber firing sounds are not realistic. Is there any plan to improve them or bring back the earlier sound pack?
A. Work on Sound contents will be continued. and there is no plan for bringing the old sounds.
Q. Would there be more tank decorations like Camo, pictures, word (Location/Color/Font)?
A. These are not decided yet but, we are still checking.
Q. Victor Kislyi mentioned that there will be crew skill and ability system change. It would be just like in WoT Console?
A. There is no decision for Crew skill and abilities yet.
Q. 1 year ago, When the personal missions were implemented, there was a rumor that they will be implemented for 6 months. When is the next Personal missions implementation?
A. It is just a rumor. This is not a good timing to demonstrate detail factors.
Q. Deleted maps number are more than implemented maps. What is your opinion on user made maps? just like Team Fortress or Halo forge mode.
A. When we delete the low preference maps from the game, we apply some change item to players for playing in more various maps. Especially for middle tier battles. Currently, some maps are in devolopment and we will announce when they are finished.
BTW, players can never make the maps because the map production tool which is being used by developers won’t be released to outsiders.
Q. Is there any plan for making bigger maps?
A. We are considering this feature.
Q. Historical battles, Rampage mode, Company battles, etc were implemented but deleted soon. What we can expect on next modes?
A. These days, We are focusing on the improvement of the basic functions and modifications of them.
Q. Would the crew penalty be removed just like in WoWS (except Nation)? (Ex : No proficiency penalty for M48A1 crew to T34 heavy tank)
A. No. There is no plan for that.
Q. Engine implementation was canceled?
A. It was not but there is no information for announcement.
Q. Is there any plan for acquisition of T-22?
A. We will investigate its statistics after its re-balance, and make a plan.
Q. Last June 27th, There was info about M47 Patton (Alternative hull for M46 Patton) revealed. Are there any news for us?
A. Currently, There are no news for it.
Q. Would you please change the tier 2 ~ 4 tanks from +-2 MM to +-1 MM? Noobs can’t stand against enemy tanks which are 2 tiers higher.
A. There is no plan for the change of current MM.