Q&A – 28th May 2016

From developer Veider.
– Object 268 5 will not be researchable;
– there are new maps being developed;
– there are rumors that all of us play DotA, it’s not true;
– AMX M4 mle. 49 will be sold;
 – Grille 15 statistics dropped already after 3 days, winrate is at 49%;
– rumors of wild imbalances in Czech tier 9-10 are not justified;
 – new branches for existing nations are planned;
– ISU-130 will be buffed in the next patch;
– regarding LT8 and SPG10 missions in a platoon (bonuses and penalties) – already being solved;
– Chinese tanks are performing well, the people are just not recieving them well;
– there are plans to flatten “Prokhorovka”, but not too much;
– Type 59 statistics didn’t change much since it was removed from sale;
– medipack and repair kit similar to WoWS – is being regarded;
 – the possibility to remove 2-3-4 maps for oneself is always hovering in the office, but no solutions, there are positive and negative aspects;
– when rebalancing arty, we will regard the problems of camping TD’s, we’ll watch closely and react to the situation;
 – Swedes will come this year, they will have a unique top tier tank;