I'm still busy + Blog Sharing Day (May)

The following day I will be preparing for the last major exam of this semester. Thanks to all the authors who helped me (I’m thinking of giving the active ones a forced break for the summer, since I can focus on stuff, seems like a good idea). As you may deduce, I’m not satisfied at all with how TAP is running (especially when I can’t post) and I need to improve it. I just want the highest quality to be finally provided, that’s all.
So what I wanted to say is that I still have some projects left to do, but for the most part my schedule will be free beginning with 15th June. I’ll also be finally able to reduce the number of my browser tabs (of which I have around 470 at the moment, thanks Reddit) and I’ll be able to post everything faster and in a better way. As for trips, none are planned (except maybe one to the local archives if I have enough luck), so I will remain here and bring life to this website.
Today will also be declared the Blog Sharing Day for this month. I encourage you to share the best TAP articles to your friends/gaming communities. It really helps us, since our views haven’t really increased since March. (we can’t even beat the no-news days of our ancestors :/ ).