WoT launcher – new functions

The WoT launcher will recieve a new auto-update function, which will allow updates in the background.


The launcher will now also be available in the Windows system tray:


A message will pop up when updates are about to be installed, allowing to postpone them:


5 thoughts on “WoT launcher – new functions

  1. I was happy to get rid of these reminders in Windows, now WOT will replace them. What\’s next – targeted ads, stalking and silent update to wot 2.0? :p

  2. I wonder if launcher stays in tray when game is launched. If it does – oh well – exe it is then.

    1. I guess wargaming does that to hide all the patches lately, I usually run .exe file as well but there are so many patches lately.

      It seems there\’s some small updety every week. In the past we knew what was being changed in a micropatch but I can\’t see any information about it these days.

        1. It\’s not like they are preparing to switch the whole engine.
          Therefore I must agree with Woras. Change your password every day.

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