2 thoughts on “WoT – How to play the FV215b

  1. Agreed – this tank can crush enemies fast if you can hide the LFP behind something. I use mine all the time in randoms & it puts up a great fight against all others. The gun is amazingly accurate and super fast to aim & shoot.

  2. ^ Agreed, 3rd best HT in the game in my opinion (tie with 113). On the other hand, in stupid player\’s hands it\’s not as good, it\’s more like free HP ๐Ÿ˜› LFP is weak, it gets ammoracked and set on fire from the front fairly regularly, and in city maps lots of people peak like idiots and get permatracked. It is also vulnerable when sidescraping, under the turret there is an angled plate that is easy to pen, so you have to move a lot to make it harder to hit. On open maps again lot of people peak like retards and get penned easily.

    Also AP E100 as a rival to upper plate ๐Ÿ™‚ like really, not even highroll can pen it. When fighting other T10 HT\’s AP on E100 is a no no. Unless you are a \”gold noob\” whiner who likes to rely on RNG to pen his shots and then be EZ target for 15s till you reload if you bounce.

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