Using Categories and Feeds

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I’m writing this post because some of you want to see news for only one game or want the site to load a lot faster on your phones. So I’m going to show you…


Using categories is simple. In the right side of the blog, you can see them under the tab Categories. I’ll also paste links for them here. By using categories, you see news related only to the game you choose, so do not be afraid to use them if you dislike certain news (Again, I will stop posting about Hearts of Iron IV since June 6th or maybe we can contact Paradox about a review then, the number of articles related to it will be 90 percent lower anyway)

Links to the most used categories:

Enjoy using them!

RSS/Atom Feeds

I know that phone loading times for TAP are sometimes slow, but there is (luckily) a solution for this. A way to make only the raw content of the blog visible, consisting of all the news and pictures, but without comments.

WARNING: Does not work for Google Chrome.


in case your browser does not show our blog as secure, just try this link: