More 9.15 Supertest Info & Interface Changes

This time, from Russia. Thanks a lot to Vlad for taking the time to translate.

Supertesters will get the following 4 tanks:

– Object 268 variant 5.

– Kreslavsky’s KV-4.

– T71 CMCD.

– T-45.

There will be many neat interface changes coming with 9.15, as Wargaming promised.

First, we have comparison of stats in a new preview interface, looks very much like the one from WoWS. Also note the stats change dynamically as you choose modules:







There is also a ping display now in the client.

Upper left corner in garage:

Login screen:

Also, a base capture timer and the number of capping players was implemented:

A timer will flash up when there’s only 2 minutes of battle time left:

And there are some new stats displayed on tanks: the 3rd and 4th row from the bottom display camouflage coefficient during movement and while standing still respectively:

Overall, these are very nice changes and I think it’s good to see that Wargaming is changing it’s hard stance on mods a bit.