WoWS Q&A – 18th April 2016

Thanks to Odd and Carnotzet.

from “hour with developer” with leader of 3D content team:
– Furutaka soon will get 3 turrets version in the game (Seb: looks too much like Aoba).

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– no close solution (for all ships) for boats witch hinder turrets turning, cause crane beams are parts of ship hull model, and other 3D troubles, some ships will get the ability to rotate guns through boats (like Arkansas now).

other – no official training room in the near 3 big patches, but it’s still planned for this year.

1. I feel the camera is a bit too close to the ship. It’s especially problematic when trying to dodge torpedoes coming from behind. Would you consider moving it slightly farther away?

A. We don’t want to cut off players from their ship too much. According to our data, a standard zoom is more often than not sufficient to solve most of the problems players encounter. I will still pass your suggestion.

2. Could you please explain developers’ vision of the destroyer class?
In alpha, the role of US and IJN DD’s were very different. US DD’s hunted for IJN DD’s and IJN DD’s were playing the stealth game. It was balanced. After Soviet DD’s were introduced, the situation changed.

A. The concept is evolving from very to less distinct national characteristics. There is a chance that future IJN DD’s (from an alternative branch) might not lose a gun fight against lower tier US DD’s, just because we decided to.

The current situation is that US DD’s are jack of all trades but weaker at long distance gun fights. IJN DD’s are heavy ships killers. Soviet DD’s are the “cavalry”; they keep the enemy team detected, pepper them slowly and occasionally hunt down enemy DD’s. They help in their own way.

3. Do you plan to give us the possibility to sell unwanted upgrades?

Do you plan to add accelerated crew training like in WoT?

A. We plan to add the possibility to sell modules instead of destroying them (from the ship interface, still no module depot).

We have no plans in that regard.

4. Do you plan to give players the possibility of accessing different regions with one account?

A. No, since it would add toxicity to players relations.

5. A. We want to solve the problem of long losing streaks with a better optimized matchmaker, which is currently in development. [The question wasn’t interesting but the answer was, thus why I didn’t include it.]

6. On Main battery mod. 2, it’s written: +15% turret traverse and +10% reload time. How does it work exactly?

A. It’s very simple. Turret traverse is increased. The reload time is increased thus firing rate decreases. You sacrifice one characteristic in favor for another one.