WoWp Q&A

1. Are there any plans to introduce team-oriented game modes like Strongholds in WoT, or a global clan war map?

— We plan to redesign the clan system. Once that is done, it will be time to look at end-game content.

2. Will there be a branch of USSR heavy fighters?

— Assembling a whole branch of them would be a big problem. What you might look forward to is maybe a mini-branch comprised of several machines or a set of Premium aircraft. There are a couple of interesting warplanes that we would personally like to see, especially as researchable machines.

3. Why is the British Tier X heavy fighter so overpowered in comparison to other heavies?

— Speaking of the Javelin, the aircraft is balanced against its class counterparts. But it is a very large target. You should always keep in mind that the HP count always depends on the aircraft signature — how easy it is to sustain damage. The machine has great armament, but it is wing-mounted so shooting effectively is harder than in the case of the HG3 or XF-90. Aside from that the Javelin’s parameters are representative of its real features — it really is the most technologically advanced and “modern” aircraft in the game.

4. Why did you nerf the Me 1092 that much?

— It was very imbalanced. Now it’s as powerful as it should be.

5. What are the principles for calculating credits and experience rewards?

— Follow the developers blog, we are preparing an article on economics.

6. Will there be an option to take off from the airfield so that we don’t have “sleeping” pilots in the air when the battle loads?

— We don’t have airfields planned at the moment, but we are developing a system that will protect those players whose game clients haven’t loaded the battle by the time it starts.

7. Will we have other physics modes like simulation?

— No, we will not.

8. Will there be a game mode with limited ammunition?

— No.

9. Global map: isn’t there a possibility that it might draw top clans from Tanks and increase the online player count?

— We are not aiming to cannibalize the player bases from other WG projects. Our goal is to make a good exciting game that people would play not because some other place is worse, but because it’s fun here.

10. Japanese army warplanes?

— Yes. Soon.

11. Is there a tangible project roadmap that states a moment “X” when the online player count would skyrocket?

— There are both a detailed development plans for this year as well as a more global plan for the future.

12. Will we see other game modes besides Team Deathmatch? CTF, objective destruction maybe? Respawn?

— New game modes are being actively developed. Very actively.

13. What do you think of matchmaking based on a pilot’s flight capabilities?

— We are researching the possibility of skill-based matchmaking for a certain part of the player base. Again, this is at the research stage at the moment.

14. Why won’t Wargaming make their own Hryunomod?

— No need at the moment, but we pay close attention to the mod’s development and history for various reasons.

15. Why doesn’t Wargaming invest in web marketing?

— At the moment we prioritize other ways to develop and increase the project’s popularity.

16. Better pilot skills?

— In development. Keep track of the Supertest Digest, there will be an announcement.

17. Balancing flights of attack aircraft by flights of heavies is unacceptable.

— Agreed.

18. Why did you remove the pushback effect of shooting?

— We didn’t. You can check for yourself on a light aircraft with powerful armament and high rate of fire, like the Me P.1101.

19. Will there be a better tutorial for newcomers?

— Yes, we plan to make a much better tutorial and intro, but at the moment other tasks have a much higher priority.

20. Are there plans to decrease the number of engines for Me 262 and Yak-15? Researching 4 modules is a lot.

— No. Fewer engines means more experience to research each of them. The current module tree makes researching them to the top more straightforward.

21. Imbalanced flights: how are you planning to deal with them, because the forums are full of complaints?

— And we read all of them. The best solution for this would be skill-based matchmaking since “annihilator flights” are a direct indication of imbalance between highly skilled and less skilled players. At the moment we balance flights by adding other flights to another team, but obviously it has its flaws.

22. What’s up with the smartphone application? It hasn’t been supported properly recently.

— Popularity and demand are the main factors that affect the priority of development and support for most supplementary WG products. Apparently the Assistant app is not very popular. As far as we know, the team responsible for it is focused on other projects at the moment.

23. Have you thought about introducing the Me 262 with a 50 mm cannon, maybe with an increased rate of fire?

— Yes we did. Me 262 with a single 50 mm cannon is a very complicated and peculiar aircraft. Even if we do add it to the game — it will be a Premium or gift warplane.

24. Will there be a wipe?

— No, why?

25. Emblem customization?

— Depends on the extent of customization. One thing is if we add the possibility to change colors or something like that, another would be giving players the ability to upload their own images (which you can already do as clan emblems, by the way), and yet another would be the ability for every player to add custom images to any place on the aircraft. In this case we could find ourselves in a situation where hundreds of obscene images appear in the game, and someone would need to moderate that.

26. When will the French branch get new aircraft?

— If you mean a whole researchable branch — then definitely not this year. But there will be some surprises this year in that regard.

27. What’s up with the J8M? The stats collected by My_nick_is_busy (RU player who uses WG API to collect stats from the CIS server. — XBK) say that it has a win ratio over 60%, 3% more than the next best competitor.

— The aircraft is really good when piloted by experienced and highly skilled players, but quite difficult to master for newcomers. My_nick_is_busy collects statistics for experienced players. J8M’s high win ratio is caused by its high survivability, not by its ability to destroy planes easily or deal tons of damage.

28. Rocket effectiveness in meters?

— We plan to start showing it on the HUD. The general principle of how rockets work and where they explode is described on the Blog.

29. When will we see an optimized client and hangar?

— The programming team is constantly polishing the client. 1.9.4, 1.9.5, 1.9.6 production plans all have internal optimization as high priority tasks.

30. What causes some fighters, i.e. I-16 (late), to deal damage at distances higher than the maximum 600 meters, namely 600-750 meters?

— I-16 (late) has cannons that can deal damage at up to 750 meters. Optimum distance is stated on tooltips of the guns and is 80% of the maximum distance. You can find this parameter on the aircraft characteristics tab in the Hangar.

31. What’s happening to the old aircraft like La-150, Sh-Tandem, Me 609, P-51JP?

— They are reserved and await their time.

32. When will you boost the Ta 183?

— When the appropriate moment comes.

33. Don’t you think there should be more video content?

— We agree, but the Squirrels cannot work 24/7.

34. There are no collector’s editions or any WoWP goods. Any plans to change that?

— It’s hard to say. At the moment it’s hard to predict whether anything like that will be popular. If you like, you can create a topic on the forums, vote for designs etc. If this gains traction we’ll pass it to the team responsible for that sort of activity.

35. Paint jobs and bonuses on them — do you plan to add bonuses to old paint jobs?

— We plan to rework the camouflage mechanics and make them more valuable gameplay-wise. No details on that yet, sorry. The I-180-3 paint job is a first experiment, if the community reacts positively, we will further work on this idea.

36. When will we see the Hellcat?

— Carrier-based “cats” are not coming any time soon.

37. Will we be able to get a bot as a wingman that will cover us?

— Not yet. But we are working on the overall improvement of bots.

38. Shouldn’t you balance Premium aircraft based on not only their stats but on stats for their researchable analogs too?

— We always consider the battle effectiveness of aircraft from the research trees when balancing premium ones. But some premiums are based on modifications that are very different from regular aircraft, and though they are similar in some traits they may be completely different in terms of battle effectiveness. For example the Bf 110B is a classic heavy fighter while the Bf 110 C-6, armed with an anti-tank cannon, is closer to an attack aircraft.

39. What about supporting the VOD makers and increasing the number of player-generated guides?

— We provide support to video content creators and streamers, but you need to contact us to obtain it.

40. Tanks have an update development cycle of 1 year, Warships – 6 months, what is it for WoWP?

— Actually there is no such thing as an update development cycle, there’s a feature development scope and timeline. Some features can be done in a month, some might take half a year or even more.

41. Will we see aircraft with variable-sweep wings at least in fun game modes?

— At the moment there’s a strictly technological limitation to implement animations for variable wing sweep. We even have a historical prototype of an aircraft that could have that in the game — the Me P.1101.

42. Any plans to add plane landing for additional bonuses?

— That is unlikely.

43. Will we see a Chinese branch?

— You will definitely see new Chinese aircraft but we don’t have a full national branch planned. Our players have a much higher demand for more popular machines.