WoWS Q&A – 13th April 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet.

Here are some interesting infos from a thread about DD limitation:

Regarding the rock-paper-scissors system not really being observed, Vallter_ explains that they don’t want classes to be locked into one single role. In that regard, cruisers can bring AA cover and hunt destroyers. They won’t turn them into a AA platform or DD hunter only.

In his opinion, DD’s aren’t the best class in the game. They are simply more convenient to play than BB’s or cruisers for most players.

Balancing the system with hundreds of variables to take into consideration is a difficult process, and it’s hard to do it perfectly, especially when taking into account the regular addition of new content.

He also recognizes that random battles are not idyllic. And that very rarely do DD’s cover their BB’s with smoke, or that, when this happens, BB’s do stay inside the smoke. However, he believes that some form of cooperation (such as some AA cover, or DD’s and cruisers hunting other DD’s) is present in random battles.

He is fully aware that full cooperation in random battles is impossible. Devs always took that into account when creating the Rock-Paper-Scissors system, so that the chance to beat your natural prey is about 7 to 3.

Moreover, devs are aware of CV sniping and will introduce some sort of limitation at high tier that should prevent this type of behavior.

And back to normal Q&A:

1. Why is there so much difference between Moskva’s and Hindenburg’s medium range AA damage? 6×4 45mm give 123 dps and 8 single 55m give almost double dps, 224. And the range difference is huge as well (3.5km against 5km).

A. The Russian 45mm values are correctly calculated. The problem comes from the German guns. We will probably decrease their performance, the difference will thus be reduced.


2. Do you plan to release additional Soviet and German cruisers? I think that several World War I or even earlier cruisers are missing (Yorck, Scharnhorst, Askold).

A. We may add more. However, we’re not planning to add parallel branches in the near future.

3. Similarly to Torpedo Acceleration, do you plan to add a skill that would decrease torpedo speed in favour of range?

A. No.

4. It seems that the report system is useless, do you even look at them?

When will you remove Tirpitz from sale, all the noobs are playing with her?

A. Reports aren’t useless. They’re very useful for us to fight bots. However, according to our experience, a lot of “bots” are just very bad players.

We won’t remove Tirpitz, Warspite and Blyskawica from sale anymore.

4. Does the matchmaker take into account players win rate before splitting them in teams?

A. No.

5. With Gremyashchy being too powerful, would you consider adding another premium destroyer of the same class (Grom) with slightly weaker characteristics?

A. We’re not against adding several ships from a single class, but there’s already Anshan as a premium and Gnevny as standard. Adding another one would be too much. Moreover, we don’t (and didn’t) promise Gremyashchy wouldn’t be sold anymore (we said it will be exclusive to pre-orders for a year). We just don’t consider it a wise move.

6. Do you plan to add cruiser Irian as a premium Panasian ship?

Do you plan to add more Polish ships?

A. Not at the moment.

7. When do you plan to fix the matchmaking system?

A. I cannot give you a specific date but it’s one of our priorities.

8. Why Izumo’s middle turret doesn’t rotate all the way (360°)?

A. It’s a structural constraint.

9. Would you consider changing BB’s accuracy. At the moment, it seems that doing damage is mostly random.

A. I understand your concerns. BB’s guns are devastating (as they were in reality) and giving them higher accuracy will be catastrophic for the game (in terms of balance and dynamics). Moreover, even when taking into consideration the high dispersion on BB’s guns,  the aforementioned situation is already happening in some cases (that BB guns are devastating). That doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. However, we currently have other critical issues we need to fix first.

10. Do you consider invisi firing (with full stealth build) a problem since it gives the attacker a considerable advantage? (How is a Montana supposed to fight an invisible Gearing?)

A. We don’t think it’s a problem. It’s simply an option for certain ships and it’s hard to be put in practice.

(And how are BB’s supposed to fight IJN DD’s 1 on 1? It’s an unpleasant situation. But if, as a BB, you ended up 1 on 1 with a DD, something went wrong somewhere else.)