WoWS Q&A – 12th April 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet.

1. What concealment bonuses apply to the detection penalty when firing?

A. None. The penalty is an extra value that isn’t modified by anything.

[Sub_Octavian will ask a developer about this tomorrow since some players have pointed out that Concealment expert does in fact reduce the detection penalty. Personally, I’ve read several times that it’s affected by CE.]

2. Could you share what plans do you have for fixing high-tier IJN DD’s?

Why can’t we see the distance between our ship and catapult/spotter planes?

A. I can’t say yet, but you’ll soon be able to see it yourself during 0.5.5. public testing.

It should be added in 0.5.6. if everything turns out as planned.

3. A lot of players at mid/high tiers seem not to know how to play at all. Wouldn’t you consider raising the number of xp needed to unlock ships up to tier 5-6? And decrease the xp needed for ships above thos tiers?

Would you also consider selling premium ships only to players whose account level is equal to that of the ship they want to buy (for instance, to buy a Tirpitz, you’d need to have a lvl 8 account)?

A. For most people, tier 5-6 ships are what they prefer and with which they have the most fun. We don’t plan to fundamentally change the progression system.

We don’t plan to restrict all of the premium ships. We will only limit ships that require quite a lot of skill.

4. Do you plan to change Warspite’s characteristics? Are you happy with her statistics?

A. We don’t plan to change her since we’re happy with her stats for now.

5. Would it be possible to nerf premium ships by reversing some gameplay decisions? (For instance, considerably nerfing long range AA which would lead to certain ships having their strengths turn into weaknesses.)

A. We want to avoid nerfing premium ships, and we will avoid doing it whenever it’s possible.

6. Can we expect Tirpitz’s AA defense to be changed in the near future?

A. Not in the near future.

7. It’s good that the game modes that required to win by points were changed so that there’s no more draws. Are you happy with the range of modes available? What mode do players like the most (two caps or multiples zones)?

A. We’re happy with Domination mode; regarding our other new experiments, it’s a little more complicated. We would really like to make the game more diverse by adding new game modes. We’re continuing our work in this matter.

8. Arkansas has more upgrade slots than its tier 4 counterparts. Is it intended or is this an experiment of some sort?

A. It’s a special feature of this ship to make her more appealing and to offset her weaknesses. We don’t plan to add the same feature on other ships.

9. Are you happy with the current economy system? Compared to WoT, it seems that high tiers are more punishing in terms of credit loss.

A. More or less. The situation is very similar to WoT. We have some doubts about the more punishing economy at high tiers, that is exactly why we decided to experiment with reduced repair costs.

10. What is WG position on players who constantly whine on the forum, with or without any reason? (Paranoia mode on) Don’t you have the feeling there are some people who seem to get paid in silvers just to whine on the forums? (Paranoia off)

A. There are those you speak of and other players with a mostly negative mindset. We will furtively track the first group (there isn’t many of them) and try to make the second happy.

11. What do you think about the current signal system? Don’t you think that the bonus they give isn’t on par with most of their requirements?

A. Everything is fine regarding signals.

12. My question is about premium ships and captain skills. One of the functions of premium ships is to (re)train captains for standard ships. All would be well if premium and standard ships would have similar stats and gameplay so that they could use the same captain. However, it isn’t always so. For instance, low tier ships such as Iwaki aren’t performing that well with captains from high tier ships such as Zao or Atago. Albany and Marblehead don’t get much from Des Moines’ captains who are specialized in AA. And there are plenty other examples. What do you think about this issue?

A. We plan to expand the choice of premium ships so that players can chose the captain most appropriate for their role. Generally speaking, we don’t consider this an issue.

13. Do you plan to add premium ships with interesting gameplay / features, such as Kitakami? Nearly a year has passed since release. What’s up with putting back on sale Yubari, Sims and the big bad OP Gremlin?

A. I can’t share any information regarding our future ship sales. However, I can tell you that two or three new ships will soon be released.

14. Do you plan to add a new means of spending elite ship xp, such as having the option of gaining captain xp instead of ship xp?

A. We don’t plan to add any new means for converting xp. There’s nothing you can do with it except converting it to free xp (using doubloons).