WoWS [Maintenance] Version

Maintenance Start: 12/04/2016 @ 06:00 UTC+8

Maintenance End: 12/04/2016 @ 07:30 UTC+8

Please view the patch notes below for further information.

Patch Notes


  • The ships below have been added to the game for testing purposes. They are unavailable for purchase, but players may see them in battles.
    • Tier V US battleship Texas
    • Tier VI USSR cruiser Molotov
  • Cruiser Kirov: Fixed an issue where the plating thickness had only10mm instead of 13mm as it was specified in the description.
  • Cruiser Iwaki: Fixed an issue with the bombs’ damage being too high
  • Aircraft carrier Saipan: Reduced the area of bomb scatter during auto-attack to match the values of special attacks (with “Alt”). Bombers preparation time has been reduced to 3.5 seconds per plane. Changed reserve ratio for fighters preset: the ratio of fighters to bombers is 3 to 2.

Other Changes

  • Disabled “April Fool’s” event:
    • Disabled “April Fool’s” music and sound
    • Removed “April Fool’s” holiday ships with their crews and slots.
      If commanders from other ships were assigned to any of the event ships, they will be sent to reserve without changes to their specialisations after the update.
    • All players have entered the game during the April Fool’s event will be awarded with 4 new commanders, with a specialisations for starter ships of each nation (Hashidate, Erie, Orlan, Hermelin).
      Each commander will come with 3 free skill points at their disposal.