WoWS Q&A – 9th April 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet

Vallter_ said specifically this time, that German BBs are next. While it wasn’t a direct question to this, it is a pretty solid confirmation that they are indeed the very next line to be released.

21. Do you plan to buff the skill Manual fire control for secondary guns?
A. It was kind of a new mechanic, some sort of experiment, we didn’t know how it would change the gameplay. According to our statistics, this skill isn’t always beneficial, especially at its cost, and players are hesitant to pick it up. It also is only useful for BB’s.
That is why we plan to reduce its cost or to have it increase secondary guns range. We were quite anxious when making this skill since in patch, secondary guns were very powerful and battles consisted mainly of BB’s fighting each other, with maybe one or two DD’s and cruisers weren’t widely played. So we were slightly worried. Secondary guns should be dangerous to DD’s so we have decided we could slightly buff this skill. How we will do it is a different question entirely. We still haven’t reached a final decision. Changes regarding this matter won’t come in patch 0.5.5. However, we’re aware the skill is slightly underpowered compared to other tier 5 skills and thus will find a way to improve it.

22. Will there be a permanent cammo for Yamato?
A. We would like to add permanent cammos for all of the popular ships. I remember someone asking about the price. Currently, we’re happy with the 3000 doubloons price because of the bonuses it gives. These cammos are intended for those who don’t want to buy a premium account but still want to farm a bit faster on a specific ship.

23. Do you plan to add a second plane on ships with two catapults?
A. We currently don’t have plans in that regards, but if players massively request this feature, we’ll think about it.

24. In alpha, ships with catapult planes could somewhat control them and send them where they wanted on the map. Will you bring back this feature?
A. We might bring it back, for instance for cruisers. [stream cut off so I don’t have the explanation to this answer]

25. On the WG portal, I noticed a new cruiser, Profintern. What can you tell us about her?
A. Profintern is Profintern [you don’t say]. We worked on her until patch 0.5.3. After that, we had quite a lot of more important problems to solve; when we’re done with that, we’ll get back to her. We still have to finish working on armour visualisation in port, weather effects, etc. first. Her model isn’t quite finished and since most of our model developers are working on the armour visualisation feature, it takes some times to release her (normally in May). Also, we didn’t want to name her Krasny Krym because, unfortunately, the political situation associated with this name is a bit tense.

26. What do you think about Kirov?
A. It depends on who you ask. It’s not considered as a very performing ship. Experienced players prefer other ships over Kirov. Moreover, it’s rather funny how opinions about her are radically different. In the West, players think she’s overpowered, like Budyonny, whereas on the RU cluster, Budyonny is considered the norm and Kirov a weird ship. Hard to tell who is right and wrong. We’ll have to wait longer to see if she needs a buff or nerf.

27. Will you bring back Kitakami?

A. First, the teamkill system would need to be reworked, which is planned for patch 0.5.5. Regarding Kitakami, it’s a sensitive subject. She’s a heavily specialized ship which focuses on torpedoes. The problem is that we already have a lot of complaints about torpedo soup and adding Kitakami to the fray would make matters worse. The situation would change from being a torpedo soup to be a torpedo Armageddon.

A. Patch 0.5.5. is planned to be deployed on servers at the end of April, beginning of May.