War Thunder – Bittersweet Videos

Morning friends,

First we begin with a major, embarassing Gaijin fail. Recently their WT Youtube channel posted a video about the M4 Sherman. However, it has some stuff already debunked by historians. (OP Tiger needing many Shermans to destroy, and the „Ronson” myth) I also would like to point out that the video was reuploaded because the original one had content stolen from the Fury movie in it. Quite dissapointing indeed.

The video:

This series has potential, but ONLY if they cover tanks that have no false info on them. In my opinion, they should focus on Italian/Japanese stuff, and also from the minor Axis nations. Why? Nobody covers that.

The second video I wanted to share is not a fail, but in fact a good intiative. Finally a chance to earn Golden Eagles and it is some sort of RNG and Best Replays of The Week combo. I like it.