War Thunder – Bittersweet Videos

Morning friends,

First we begin with a major, embarassing Gaijin fail. Recently their WT Youtube channel posted a video about the M4 Sherman. However, it has some stuff already debunked by historians. (OP Tiger needing many Shermans to destroy, and the „Ronson” myth) I also would like to point out that the video was reuploaded because the original one had content stolen from the Fury movie in it. Quite dissapointing indeed.

The video:

This series has potential, but ONLY if they cover tanks that have no false info on them. In my opinion, they should focus on Italian/Japanese stuff, and also from the minor Axis nations. Why? Nobody covers that.

The second video I wanted to share is not a fail, but in fact a good intiative. Finally a chance to earn Golden Eagles and it is some sort of RNG and Best Replays of The Week combo. I like it.



5 thoughts on “War Thunder – Bittersweet Videos

  1. With the amounts of fails Gaijin has been outputting lately, they have already shit on the whole community with the cash-grab bushes that doesn’t even work properly,I sure am looking forward to more shitstorms by Gaijin, now where’s my popcorn.

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  2. Don’t think WT has any Italian or Japanese tanks. Though in all fairness, WoT doesn’t have Italian tanks either, something I’ve waited for ages. Such history videos are pointless if they don’t even have the tank to start with.

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  3. To clarify, from a Tiger commander; it took a lot of EARLY Sherman’s because the Germans knew where they were soft head on and the 88 could murder then at ranges the Sherman couldn’t even think of taking a shot at. So the Sherman’s needed to allow damage inflicted to get close.


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