Mini Rant for WG & TAP Discussion

To WG:

NA Clan Wars is dying. CW 2.0 was a huge fail, it made the game not fun anymore. Many important clans were disbanded, and this is not too great. Please do something and revive the end-game.


And I have a message for the TAP readers:
Sorry for being late a few times recently, I had a busy week. Will post some less-important stuff tomorrow and also try to keep up. I’ll try to reduce the 490 tabs I have and also plan the future historical articles too.
Very soon I will improve the quality of TAP by being able to post earlier. It takes a bit of focus and concentration but I’m dedicated enough to succeed. Hope it’s okay. Also, I think I’ll make a poll about Airsoft. Do you guys like it? Should I share some videos of that? And there is my fear, I want to keep TAP mostly WoT/WoWS focused. Please take notice that after Hearts of Iron IV is released, I will stop posting about it (except maybe when they make DLCs). I have no contract with them and I am only posting because I actually like the game and I am interested in it. I don’t want to post stuff that you don’t like.

So… I wanted to adress another issue. TAP is ignored by the major players (main streamers, WG in general) and it’s kind of a bit annoying… I’ll see if there are any leaks coming soon, but I can only say that the future is bright with nice stuff on the horizon.

And the last concern is: Are the TAP posts too raw? I usually don’t write too much. Is it OK?

Okay, one more thing. Spam. Some comments are automatically treated by WordPress as spam and I try to manually check them and restore them. Some people were affected (like Nikolaevna for example, sorry about that). In case you were wondering why your comment did not appear here, that’s why.

Guess I’m going to sleep now. Good night. When I wake up, I want to see some comments 🙂