WoWS Q&A – 3rd April 2016 #2

Guess it is time for a new WoWS Q&A. 😎

From Carnotzet.

1. Why don’t ship names appear on ships (painted on the side or stern)?

A. Ship names don’t appear on researchable ships since they represent a class of ships, not a particular ship. On the other hand, we try to make premium ships as close to their historical model as possible, and thus their name always appears on the ship.

2. I’m surprised that the legendary cruiser Varyag isn’t part of the Ru/Soviet cruiser line. Will it be implement in the game at all?

A. Not in the near future. Without denying her legendary status, I have certain doubts concerning her playability.

3. I saw there are two ships categorized as submarines in the game files (ARP I-401, USS Cimarron [which was actually a tanker]). Does it mean we will eventually see subs added to the game?

A. Truth be told, we currently don’t plan to add a submarine class to the game, and neither are we working on it.

4.  Why is Atago‘s rudder so easily broken? Even with the module reducing the probability of a critical failure, my rudder gets destroyed 2-3 times per battle. I hope it’s not some kind of Achilles’ heel.

A. It’s not a special characteristic introduced to balance the ship. Moreover, Atago isn’t more vulnerable to rudder or engine critical failure than similar ships. In my experience with the ship, I haven’t noticed anything similar to what you describe.

5. In the last few updates, were there changes made to the way shell-armour collision/penetration is working or calculated?

A. Nothing was changed in this regard.

6. Why do HE shells do less damage at greater distances? Does their penetration decrease with distance as well?

A. HE shells damage and penetration don’t decrease with distance. The differences you may experience with HE shells at certain distances is due to shells dispersion and impact angle. It may happen your shells hit armored parts of the ships, thus doing no damage, or superstructure elements (secondary/AA guns), which health bar isn’t shown; thus, damage done to them isn’t visible until they are destroyed.

7. Could you remove the dispersion penalty when firing on a target without having it locked?

A. The penalty is necessary for the reduced accuracy camouflage to work. If we’d remove it, you could “lock” to a target on your own and thus bypass the benefits provided by the camouflage.