Blitz: Update 2.8 – Additional slots for Provisions

This should be implemented in normal WoT too , right? >:)

We have all been in situation where we asked ourselves questions like: ‘Should I pick the Automatic Fire Extinguisher or the Extra Combat Rations?’ or ‘Wouldn’t it be better if I drop the First Aid Kid for a Case of Cola?’ Unfortunately, in most cases you had to give up one Consumable.

That’s why, starting with Update 2.8 , three additional slots just for Provisions will be introduced, so you won’t have to ask yourselves the above-mentioned questions ever again!

What is a Provision?

Provisions are Consumables that are automatically activated at the start of a battle and remain active until the battle ends.

New Provisions that will be introduced

In Update 2.8 , five, new nation specific Provisions will be added to the game:

  • Chocolate Bar (Germany)
  • Can of Cola (U.S.A.)
  • Condensed Milk (U.S.S.R.)
  • Black Tea (U.K.)
  • White Rice (Japan)

All of them provide a +3% bonus to crew mastery. In other words, these can be considered “smaller” versions of the already known Consumables (now Provisions) like Chocolate, Case of Cola, Extra Combat Rations etc. that provide a +10% Bonus to crew mastery.

We will also introduce three other Provisions that will be available for all nations:

Provision Effect
Standard Fuel +3% to engine power and turret traverse speed
Improved Fuel +10% to engine power and turret traverse speed
Protective Kit +15% to protection of the crew from injuries
+10% to speed of module repairs
+20% to fire protection in case of engine damage
+10% to ammo rack and fuel tank durability


  • Provisions of the same type stack up: as an example, stacking Chocolate Bar with Chocolate, you can achieve a bonus of +13% to crew mastery – stacking Standard Fuel with Improved Fuel will give you 13% bonus to engine power and turret traverse speed etc.
  • “Bigger” nation specific Provisions (Chocolate, Case of Cola, Onigiri etc.) and Improved Fuel are not available for Tiers I-IV.
  • “Smaller” nation specific Provisions (Bar of Chocolate, Can of Cola, White Rice etc.), Standard Fuel and Protective Kit are available for every single vehicle Tier.
  • Provisions’ prices rise with the vehicle Tier – the higher the Tier, the higher the price.
  • In battles, only the Consumables panel is visible. The Provisions panel is only displayed during the countdown and is hidden when the battle starts. (The Provisions panel will be displayed in the very same place once the player unfolds the full list of players).

Changes to the existing Consumables.

With the introduction of Provisions, Consumables already present in the game have undergone some changes:

Provision Change Cooldown (sec)
First Aid Kit Added cooldown 90
Repair Kit Added cooldown 90
Engine Power Boost Reduced bonus, reduced duration, increased cost, added cooldown 90
Adrenaline Reduced bonus, reduced duration, added cooldown 90
Multi-Purpose Restoration Pack Added cooldown 90
Automatic Fire Extinguisher Added cooldown 90

That’s all for now, Commanders. You will be able to test the Provisions yourselves soon!