WoWS Q&A – 2nd April 2016

This time coming from Boyarsky, NA WoWS dev.

-yes, I can see premium IJN CV in the development pipeline. But it will take time, can’t confirm it for nearest future. Also, depending on Saipan’s feedback it may be re-prioritized.

-in 2016 there will be more famous american warships released following Saipan. We are working on a promotional campaign around them, so I don’t want to spoil it too soon.

-we like ARP stuff and there will be more interesting content and events based on this partnership. Some other clusters have already released the portions of new content.

We decided to deffer it for later, when there will be more content available for publishing at once.

Another point is to avoid too much overlap between different major events so that players can’t choose what to work on in the game.

-Hey guys, sorry for the silence. Too many things going on – new patch release, Saipan balancing stuff, Camo Madness, now April Fools mode… plus all future planning.

But I talked with RU Wiki Manager and now it’s clear for me what to do next.

First, we need to localize the existing templates and widgets for in-game ships, so that they pull all ship stats properly. This will require some time and tech work.

Second, I’ll grab our content and militaria guys to come up with a good structure for historical articles.

Third, we will prioritize them and make a calendar schedule. Also we need to translate the guidelines for participants from RU + a list of recommended and trustworthy sources.

Then we will start running writing contests here with help of Niko. Our content guy and militaria specialist (few volunteers too) will review the submissions and evaluate them on 1-5 scale.

Another score is based on a % of original content (we will use a software tool to check for copy-paste). There will be an incentive system with good rewards too, but I need to check with legal guys on that first. Maybe the way it works in Russia will require adjustments here in US. How they operate – they distribute bonus points (somewhat equal to doubloons in value) among top 3-5 winners and then the contributors redeem those points in a special wiki-store with exclusive offers not available for general public. Top contributors also receive a special commemorative flag.

Of course there will be an opportunity to contribute outside of contests.

In addition to the historical articles and the articles on in-game ships there will be a possibility to organize player guides, tutorials, strategies etc.

So that the content you guys create gains more visibility for newcomers and lives longer.

In future we might hire someone to manage all the activities around EN wiki.

That’s the plan at the moment. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm! Stay tuned for future announcements. :)