Turán III prototípus – Review

From Redditor michiganspeed


The gods at Wargaming have descended from the heavens and gifted me with the upcoming premium tank Turán III prototípus. This is the Tier V premium medium tank that will be featured for the month of April, and the first Hungarian medium tank in the game! (It’s technically a german premium) Since I am tired of people asking me about this tank so grateful about receiving this gift I have a short review and ACE tanker replay for you. Let’s get into it.

Stat Value
DPM 1,720.71
Penetration 113
Damage 110
Rate of Fire (rnds/min) 15.64
Reload Time (secs) 3.84
Ammo Capacity 32
Forward Speed (km/h) 40
Power (hp) 260
Power/Weight (hp/t) 13.16
Aim Time (secs) 2.11
Accuracy 0.37
Dispersion (moving) 0.22
Elevation (°) 25
Depression (°) 10

To give you some context to these stats, you can use this tanks.gg link which compares the turan to all other Tier V medium tanks.

  • The Good

The gun was surprising as it turns out to be one of the best guns you can get on tier V premium tank. It comes equipped with very comfortable dispersion, aimtime, and handling. The icing on the cake is the 10° of gun depression, allowing for a peek and shooting over hills that other premium tanks just cannot do. When used properly you can hide the hull of this tank and unleash the 1720 DPM on your enemies. To me, the gun is a huge factor when choosing to play a tank, and this one does not disappoint. Also the name and nation of this tank is great as it allows me to make tons of puns in all chat.

  • The Average

While the gun may be great, the pen is average. You will need to carry some premium shells to deal with the armored heavy tanks of tiers V-VII. The speed limit of this tank is 40 km/h, but the engine is a bit under powered. Hills and flanking are a constant struggle for this tank, as the engine just isn’t strong enough for my liking. Still, its mobile enough and gets the job done when needed. Don’t expect to play this tank like a T-34, but you can still outrun those pesky heavy tanks when needed.

  • The Ugly

32 shells… that’s it? With 110 average damage you only have a maximum potential of 3500 damage for entire game… which assumes you won’t miss a shot. While 0.37 accuracy is better than its peers, you will miss shots and there will always be the chance to bounce off the many heavy tanks you encounter. Everything about this tank is fine except for this. You really have to be careful about the shots you take, as I have had several games already where I almost run or run out of shells. You should not take any HE shells in this tank, only AP and APCR.

  • The Conclusion

After 15 battles, I ended with 1132 average damage and 2.27 kills per game which compared to my other tier V premiums is very good. The problem is that there are just some games that I cannot carry due to the lack of shells, which is a real shame. I lost a battle on airfield because I was down to three shells with two enemies left alive at near full health. Still, even when I lose this thing just spits out the damage safely from behind hills. You can watch this ace tanker game where I get 1800 damage and nearly run out of shells. This game really shows how the gun depression of the tank can be used and abused.

Equipment: Vents, Rammer, Optics. While its not going to win any spotting contests, every bit helps.

tl;dr: If you are hungary for a new premium I would highly recommend the Turán III prototípus.