Storm Q&A – 30th March 2o16


– any news on Chieftain? – nothing yet;
– what about E50M, E75 in HD? – will come soon(ish);
– what about a machinegun on E50M for the silhouette to be more distinct to E50? – i don’t know about anything like this, most likely there will be no changes;
– foch 155 is kinda bad; – well if it’s just “kinda”, then maybe it’s okay? no specific tanks will be regarded for now, only really outstanding cases will be fixed, we are now rather looking at the bigger picture;
– is this about the rebalance of classes? i don’t see the problem – HT are tanking, TD are standing in bushes, LT are spotting, MT do a bit of all; – not only about the rebalance, we also are looking at general questions on parameters and mechanics;
– what about personal mission progress in game, so that i don’t have to install various mods? – probably, but no promises;
– i saw a topic that one can be banned trying to help an ally who tipped over, will this be fixed? since the method of “helping” is by ramming; – sadly, this cannot be distiguished clearly;
– do you want to implement map-dependant personal missions like “secure the castle and get 100XP”? – as far as i know there are no such plans;
– AI bots? PvE content? 7×7 or 10×10 randoms? – the section “questions for the developers” is elsewhere;
– what about maus’ barrel (fuel tanks on the rear), why is it not modeled? – gameplay reasons, nobody wants a huge thing which only screams “critical hit” without dealing any real damage;