Yuri Pasholok’s Rant

Notice: Yuri deleted his post (including the comments). Quite a cowardly move, I must say.

„Richard Cutland is basically not working for Wargaming but for “himself”, and in contrast to us hasn’t done as much useful things for the company. So what if he recorded some stuff in Australia? Not a single tank was filmed, nada. And every time he shoves his face in things which aren’t his business. Specifically at Bovington we ran into problems right after his visit to the director. In Latrun, we had invitations from the museum director, until this schmuck again pushed his nose into other people’s affairs. In Arsenalen, this thankfully didn’t happen, mainly because of the personal qualities of the museum director. All museums should have such a chief as Mr Karlsson. The Swedish and, if it is bound to happen, the Israeli branch will appear not because of, but despite the efforts of the European office and specifically Richard Cutland. And if somebody from up above reads this – I don’t give two shits about your hierarchy. You pieces of s***, f*****g bums (freeloaders). The only thing you can do is f*** things up. F*** off.”

He also called  Cutland a miracle of nature. Also a champion of Moscow Olympics. (Thanks Woras!)