WoWS Q&A -26th March 2016

Huge thanks to Carnotzet.

According to this post, it seems, from 1st of April to the end of the month,  WG will conduct an experiment by reducing repair costs of tier 8-10 ships (not including premiums) by 20%. It will allow most players without premium account to play at those tiers without losing money. If the experiment is conclusive, they may change the economy at those tiers.

Dev answer regarding the balance of the RU/Soviet cruisers.

“The task of the people who worked on the Soviet cruisers was to create a line that was well-balanced in terms of paper to real ships ratio, authentic (or at least realistic) in regards to its armament and hulls, and balanced in terms of its silver making ability and its characteristics.

I don’t think it was an easy task.

According to the data we collected during internal testing, supertests, tests carried out on all 4 servers, and from the feedback of testers and employees, the line is balanced and in line with the characteristics of its three other counterparts. It also fits into our concept of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

This, by the way, doesn’t mean that it is effectively the case. Humans are prone to make mistakes, and maybe that’s the case here. Now, after having released the line to players’ appraisal, we will explain why we (the devs) were right to release Soviet cruisers at this moment.

Players have the right to speak their mind, as they have the right to play (or not) with these cruisers. Another thing is that when speaking one’s mind, one should be at least consistent, provide facts, etc.

Currently, the situation is as follows:

1. The feedback regarding Soviet cruisers is mixed, with slightly more positive opinions.

2. Three bugs affecting the news ships have been found so far. My colleagues are trying to fix them as fast as possible.

3. Players from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, consequently the RU server) aren’t massively interested in the new line, compared to Europe, where the interest is significant.

We will continue monitoring the situation. As you know, our players “harness their horse slowly but drive fast” [quote from Bismarck; in this case, they take a long time to learn how to play certain ships, but after that, they’re very efficient at it], so we aren’t shown an accurate picture of the situation in only two days.

Going back to the conception we have when designing new lines, we don’t like creating overpowered ships. That’s precisely why we removed Nikolai, which was,commercially speaking, very successful, from the shop, and why we finally decided to nerf AFT.

This conception may very well be flawed. But for now, we don’t consider it to be flawed.

Please share your opinions, we carefully read all feedback. Following the release of the new line, we will count and examine the pros and cons , and we will discuss our current process of how we design – and release – new lines as well.”