WoT Blitz Q&A – Game Balance / Game Design

More news from the WoT Blitz portal, this time– a Q&A.

Game Balance

1. Are you going to make playing in Leopards less costly? Now these tanks are unprofitable when your team loses, even if you have a Premium Account.
We will be reworking the income for Tier VIII-X vehicles soon.
2. Don’t you think that the new German tanks are too powerful for light tanks? With their damage per minute, camouflage and penetration values, they are dangerous opponents even for Tier VIII heavy tanks. Won’t they compromise game balance?
We are planning to fix it in version 2.8.
3. Do you plan to introduce light tanks from other nations? 

We plan to do so in the future.
4. Will you add the second branch of German tank destroyers? Will it include the Waffentrager auf E 100? 

We plan to, but the Waffentrager auf E 100 will not be introduced.
5. There are many opinions about the IS-3 Defender’s characteristics, especially on its slow reload. As far as I can tell, this tank only shows good performance when operated by skilled and experienced players. Shall we expect that this tank will be buffed if statistics prove to be low during a certain time period?
If the statistics for this tank are poor, then we will certainly buff it. But, according to our preliminary data, everything is ok with this tank and quite a few battles have already been played.

Game Design

1. Are you planning to add national voiceovers to Blitz? Changing the language in settings each time is not very convenient.
We don’t plan to. Such a feature would significantly increase the size of the build.
2. Thanks for the camouflages – i’ve been looking forward to that feature. Are you going to introduce inscriptions, emblems, and nation signs as well?
Not any time soon – for now we are working on camouflage development.
3. I would really like to see insignias on guns in the game. Will you be working on that feature?
We cannot give you a definite answer. It will be discussed together with emblems and inscriptions.
4. Will you add draw circles with max view range and last enemy spotted markers to the minimap?
No, we don’t plan to. This interface element would be useless for low-resolution devices.