5 thoughts on “WT: Teaser Trailer of the Update 1.57 "Battle March"

  1. War Thunder is such a beautiful game with such great potential, which is why it’s such a shame that it’s being so horribly mismanaged (shit balance, tiering, grind and pricing model, etc). People give WG a lot of flak, but if we’re honest, they know what they are doing when it comes to fair f2p games. The grind isn’t too bad and although there are unbalanced tanks, all in all we don’t have too much to complain about.

      1. Planes are nice, but still totally unbalanced. I eventually got sick of flying my doras and Messerschmitts against Soviet flying saucers and Korean War jets, not to mention broken f8fs and the b17 spam. Still want to play the game, but I’ll only come back once Gaijin have got their shit together.

  2. I’ll probably return to WT when they add co-op mode. Arcade is just toxic over there, same as WoT’s PvP.

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