WoWS Q&A – 9th March 2016

Translated by Carnotzet.
[Remember that everything said about give-away events and sales may only concern RU servers]
Q. When will you put Tirpitz up on sale again?
A. It will regularly appear in the shop but I can’t tell you the exact dates.
Q. Diana is regularly given for free for newly created accounts. When will it be available for long time players?
A. We don’t plan to give it for free but it’ll soon be available in the shop.
Q. When will you solve the problem regarding Aim mods? With it, BB’s can hit DD’s up to 15km and I don’t even talk about other classes.
A. Of course we don’t like the use of unauthorized mods in the game. That’s why client protection (which we made better last time but still doesn’t give expected results) will be further improved as new updates are released. It is however important to mention that Aim mods isn’t a cure-all for bad players. At 15km or more, DD’s can easily dodge shells by maneuvering a bit and the BB shooting at him will have lost a full salvo by doing so.

Q. Will you soon implement any captain skills/ increase AA damage/ increase fighters ammunition/ increase strafing damage and decrease its ammunition “cost”/ add smoke bombs to planes, add new features or improve current ones to ensure that destroying a CV at the beginning of a battle is much harder?
Losing one team’s CV at the beginning of a battle has the following consequences (which are problematic):
– The CV-less team loses its best ability to spot ships, in particular DD’s. Which means the opposing team has a clear strategical advantage.
– The opposing CV can park squadrons above whatever ship he wants, especially DD’s, without having to worry to be countered by planes. AA defense is thus only passive.
What this implies:
– The high speed of planes, back in the day, at mid tiers, it took quite a lot of time for planes to reach the opposing CV (at the beginning of a battle), and many shared the opinion that it needed to be sunk in one go since sending another strike run was useless in most cases. However, at tiers 9-10, with planes going more than 150kn, 2-3 strike runs were commonplace and in this fight, IJN CV’s often lost because their AA is worse than their US counterparts.
– All-in setups available to US CV’s. Full strike setups encourage CV captains to destroy the opposing CV as soon as possible. Silly situation arise when two strike CV’s meet in a battle.
– CV’s tend to keep some distance with other ships. With the AA rebalance in the latest patch, ships cannot deal with air attacks alone, and CV’s are always alone at some distance from the rest of the team. If you ask for a ship to escort you (a cruiser), he’s basically taken out of the game and will receive very little silvers and xp, and it isn’t a particularly fun role.
– And the cherry on top of the cake. Fighters can only kill enemy bombers while they’re on their way, and the opponent needs only to split them. I attack one of his squadrons but only one of my fighters survive and nearly without any ammo left. But there’s still 3 bomber squadrons coming for my ship. Naturally, I can use a strafing run at the last second, but if the opponent knows his stuff, he will dodge it and suffer minimal damage whereas my fighters will have no ammo left. And sending fighters to panic bombers, maybe I will take a bit less damage but the second run will kill me nonetheless.
A. We plan to release in the near future some fixes regarding AA. Regarding CV’s targeting one another from the beginning of the fight, we’re not quite happy with it because the downside of losing a CV early affects all the other player sin the team. We’re currently examining the issued you raised.
Q. 1. My first question relates to long distance ballistics. Let’s take an example. When sailing a BB, I aim at the opponent waterline. Given a perfect accuracy and dispersion, does the shell goes through the center of the ship (fig a.) or does it the edge of the ship (fig b.)
A. [The following answer includes a lot of technical stuff which I am unfamiliar with. Therefore it’s more than probable that several terms are not properly translated. If anyone knows the exact terms which should be used, please let me know and I’ll edit my post]
To explain the mechanics more easily, let’s suppose that the ship is perfectly broadside to us.
Imagine a half-space going through the lead point (if the ship is perfectly broadside, it’s the same as the half-plane going through the center of the ship);
If your line of sight crosses that half-space, the point of impact will be at their intersection. However, we’re talking about the half-space exactly above the water, not under.
Let’s say we lead the target, in other words, we’re not aiming at the ship itself but at the water in front of it. There are three options:
1. I aim at the waterline – the shell hit the waterline. There’s no clipping with the half-space since our line of sight doesn’t cross the half-space either.
2. I aim at the central line of the ship – the shell flies as shown in fig 2. There’s no clipping with the half-space either – It’s an extreme case where clipping doesn’t occur.
3. I aim at deck level – the line of sight crosses the half-space, the shell hits about the center of the deck.
4. There’s a 4th option – when the crosshair is directly aimed at the ship (for instance, when the opponent is standing still or is moving slowly).
Therefore, the point of impact, if the half-space is clipped, is further determined by the value of d.
The value of d is determined as follows: if we shoot, for instance, at a stationary ship, and our crosshair is on its model – the point of impact will be exactly where we’re aiming.
2. What is the “AA base coefficient”? I saw you mentioned it sometimes.
A. In my answer where I used it, I was speaking about the bonus percentage you get when Ctrl clicking on a target. It is currently at 1.1, before it was 1.5.
3.  Currently, tier 10 BB’s suffer from CV’s and torpedo (soup) walls greatly. Why did you nerf Yamato’s heal then? Was it necessary?
A. Yes, unfortunately it was necessary.
4. I read several times that you plan to buff Ishizuchi firing range. But time goes by and nothing is happening. Are they only rumors or do you plan to do something?
A. We don’t have any plans on this matter. And there’s also no need to do anything regarding this matter.
5. Do you plan to introduce the HMS Agincourt? It’d be interesting with its 14 guns.
A. No comments on unreleased/unannounced ships. Sorry.
Q. Is it normal that the strange constructions on Nagato’s guns clip through the gun barrels? Is is a problem with the model? Do you plan to fix it?
A. The situation is as follows: if the guns would “dodge” those constructions, Nagato would have a huge “dead zone”. And remove those “mysterious construction” would decrease her model historicity. This problem is currently “on hold”. How do you think we should do it?
Q.  [Long question, semi rant, about losing karma]
A. Currently, report “plays poorly” doesn’t affect karma. It’s only used for collecting data.