WoWS Q&A – 4th March 2016

Credits: Carnozet
Q. I have a question about AA. Before patch 0.5.3., playing with a BB at tier 9-10 was manageable when it came to AA, now it’s all down to “who will be the first to sink Iowa, Montana, etc.” AA doesn’t work at all on a fully upgraded Montana. Isn’t there a problem regarding this matter and isn’t it severe?
A. We’re aware there are some balancing problems with some ships AA. We will introduce a number of fixes in the near future. Before that, we’ll change the base coefficient of AA. Stay tuned.
Q.  1. Will information on the chance to be set on fire be shown in game?
2. What’s up with DD’s. According to my observations, it’s the most popular class in the game, 10 DD’s in a battle is practically standard now. Moreover, DD’s have perhaps become the easiest class, since because of the current mechanics, they don’t have any natural predator except themselves.
A. 1. We plan to implement this information in addition to other improvements to the port. I can’t tell you in what update it will be introduced though.
2. There will soon be some changes that will fix the DD balance:

  • VMF cruisers
  • Radar on high tier US and VMF ships
  • HAS rebalance – we plan to increase the distance of acquisition the higher the tier of the ship is.

We’ll keep and eye on the situation after these changes have been implemented and, if needed, we’ll make more balance changes.
Q. 1. When will you implement voice chat? I don’t play team battles because of it. Playing in team battles or divisions without it makes no sense.
A. Can’t say yet.

2. Do you plan to change quick commands? Some commands have the same meaning and the voiced command isn’t always the same as the written command.
A. No.
3. Fighters alt attack can destroy one’s own planes. What’s the logic behind this decision. So pilots close their eyes, pull the trigger and shoot at everything that moves or not?
A. The idea behind it is that it’s and attack over a certain area. And it should be used carefully.
4. What is the basis for detecting planes? If, for instance, I detect a BB with my planes, does that mean that he also detects my planes?
A. It is determined by the range at which planes are detected. It can be lower than ship detection range, in other words, planes can be spotted before they spot ships.
5. Do you plan to do something about plane squadrons hugging the borders of the map making them nearly invisible?
A. We’re currently looking into a couple of options: make such squadrons more visible on the minimap, or allow squadrons to fly a little bit farther than the map borders so they can use their alt attack normally.But those are only ideas for now and we don’t have any immediate solution.
6. When entering battle, players’ nicknames aren’t fully visible. When will you fix this?
A. Currently, this issue is not considered so important, so I can’t help you.
7. Does the method of firing guns affect accuracy (full salvo or gradual fire)?
A. It doesn’t affect dispersion and accuracy depends on the player. If he needs a ranging shot, then gradual fire is better.
8. Shokaku can equip acquisition module for 2M, which gives:
+50% guaranteed acquisition range. Does it increase the acquisition range of ships detected by my ship or by my planes?
A. +50% to guaranteed acquisition range from YOUR SHIP – disregarding land masses or smoke. We call it “x-ray”, and it has a 2km base range.
+20% max acquisition range. Only my ship, right?
A. +20% to the range from YOUR SHIP 3D models appear on your screen.
+20% torpedo acquisition range. What range do planes detect torpedoes at? Is it farther than ships?
A. +20% to the range YOUR SHIP detects torpedoes.
Thus, this module doesn’t work on planes. It is recommended to equip your CV with concealment module.
9. When playing with a DD, if a CV puts planes above me, my torps get immediately detected. What is the distance needed between my DD and planes for my torpedoes not to be immediately detected?
A. Once detected, torpedoes stay spotted for their entire duration. Their detection range depends on their caliber and base speed. For CV’s, it’s generally better to drop torpedoes closer to your target as to give as few time to react as possible. Moreover, IJN CV’s can drop torps further away for more hits with the inverted spread. [I think the dev didn’t understand the question very well.]
Q. When I equip speed flags on my Kiev, why doesn’t her speed change on the interface (still 42.5kn)?
A. We’re working on fixing this. If you want the speed to be updated, you need to logout.
Q. Could you please consider changing the conditions to earn Sierra Mike flag (+5% speed), maybe by making the time between the double kill longer? It’s quite important for IJN DD’s and it’s far harder to get than the Kraken award.
A. We don’t plan to change it for now.
Q. Could you please buff/rework/improve the best BB of the war, Iowa?
A. We may indirectly buff them when we tune AA. But that is all we might change in the near future.
Q. For historical battles, could you allow – like you did with tanks – only certain tiers to participate (only tiers that have the ships which took part in such battles).
A. We haven’t started development on historical battles yet.
Q. My question is about Iowa’s AA armaments. It’s no secret that they should be identical to Montana’s. After all, Montana was meant to be a slower Iowa with better main guns and better. So why does Iowa has dual bofors when in reality she had none, only quad bofors?
A. We plan to give US ships – and some others too – Quad Bofors back where they are needed. Historical AA disposition will also come back on some ships, such as Atago. It’ll be implemented in one of the next major updates.
Q. What happens to captain xp when he reaches the 19th skill point? Does he stop gaining any xp?
A. He continues to gain xp, but that’s all. Until the next captain skills development is released, all xp gained is kept on our servers.
Q. Will you add new port styles? I’d like Murmansk port.
A. New ports will be gradually released on certain events.
1. Do you plan to decrease permanent camo cost (to WoT values, for instance)?
A. No plans to.
2. I’d like to see on the after-battle stats the path I sailed during the battle. Do you plan to add something like that?
A. It’s an interesting concept, but not a priority. We have more urgent tasks regarding the interface, and the other aspects of the game.
Q. At the start of a battle, we can’t turn the rudder. Is it intended or an oversight?
A. It’s intended.
Q. There is a captain skill and an upgrade giving longer torpedo acquisition. How do they stack?
A. Multiplicatively.
Q. Do you plan to add accelerated captain training?
A. No, we don’t plan to change this for now.
Q. Doubloons and silvers are also shown in the flag window (when equipping flags). Is it intended or do you plan to allow flags to be bought in the future?
A. Plans for the future. We first planned to allow flags to be bought in game. But it’s currently on hold.
Q. Why did you decrease silvers and xp earned in team battles? Is it to force people to buy premium accounts? And when you allow tier 9 ships into team battles, most players will lose money. How do you intend to make it so that people can play in team battles at tier 9 without losing much money?
A. There aren’t any coefficient that are lower in team battles.
I looked at the economic stats for team battles (from 27 Feb. to 3 March). Without premium accounts, players on tier 8 ships end up with  a net income, even though it’s not high. I understand we have to take into account they probably bought consumables which puts them at a loss. On the other hand, we’ve always said that a premium account at tier 7-8 ensures a good margin.
With the margin earned with a premium account, players can buy a full set of consumables and still end up with a net income, or not lose or gain anything.
The situation in team battles is identical to what’s happening in random battles. But in team battles, premium consumables are naturally more important. For now, we’re happy with the situation in team battles at tier 8.
Regarding tier 9, we’re thinking about it. We’ll have more materials to base ourselves upon when we unlock them in team battles.