WoWS Q&A – 1st March 2016 #2

Here’s another couple of questions and answers. Source: RU forums.
Q. To answer the question of “Will there be pre-dreadnought battleships added to the game?”, JamesWhite answered that until they can sort out the handling of second caliber guns, there won’t be any pre-dreadnoughts. Can you explain in detail what do you mean by second caliber guns (secondary guns, high-caliber secondary guns, or only pre-drednought “medium caliber guns”). Do you take this concept seriously or is it only an unlikely idea for an unlikely future?
A. In this case, Alexandr simply explained why the introduction of pre-dreadnoughts is suspended (in addition to the already known problem of balancing them with relatively more modern ships). We have no plans to introduce auxiliary artillery armaments for now.
Q. What is up with Yubari AA performance? In her description, it was written that it was the best AA ship at her tier. With the recent patch, I can hardly shoot down any planes before they’re done with their attack.
A. You’re right that with the new realities introduced by the AA rebalance in the latest patch, this ship doesn’t feel the same as it used to when first released. But this was already the case with many other ships before.
You can like or hate statistics but it may be important to note that after the latest patch, Yubari shoots down 2.5 planes on average per battle (it was 2.7 before the patch). It is a decrease but it’s not so significant. This is mainly the consequence of the changes done to planes – their are a bigger threat at low tiers. Moreover, her stats (planes shot down) are better than every cruisers up to and including tier 5, BB’s up to and including tier 7, and CV’s up to and including tier 7. I understand that my explanation won’t really solve your problem but we have no plans to change Yubari’s AA for now.
We also understand that the players owning Yubari have a higher skill level than other players at that tier but it’s not a reason to buff her so as to increase the gap between experienced and new players even more; it’s already quite large.
Q. Will you release any premium German ships this year?
A. Yes, we will.
Q. Two months ago, you explained that the reason behind Mogami’s 155mm guns slow rotation was that she had good firing range and firing speed. Now, her firing range is one the lowest at her tier and her firing speed was reduced by 10% as well. Why do her guns have the slowest rotation of all ships in game except BB’s?
A. Because a fully upgraded ship needs to be better than a stock ship. Even after the captain skills rebalance, damage on 155mm guns isn’t bad (if you take DE instead of AFT). Mogami with 155mm guns has more or less the same DPM than with 203mm guns, but she can hit ships more easily. At least, with current turret rotation speed, she loses some of her “comfort”.
Q. In a future patch, Hipper is planned to get a new hull. With that in mind, here’s my question: do you plan to introduce Prince Eugen in the game (as a premium maybe?) somewhere in the future? She’d have a similar model to Admiral Hipper. Especially as German only have Tirpitz as a premium ship (Emden is rather a collector’s ship).
A. We plan to introduce Prince Eugen to the game somewhere in the future.