WoWS Q&A -29th February 2016

Thanks to Takru and Carnotzet
-It would appear that we’re in for 2, maybe 3, new German premiums this year.
Q&A from “Developer Hour”. Alexandr Bogomolskij, publishing producer:
Q. What are your plans for 2016?
A.  During this year, we will release 5 or 6 major updates focused on the reworking of some aspects of the game, without introducing much content since they will contain a lot of technical changes (like the reworking done in 0.5.3.)
Q. When will you put Tirpitz and Warspite on sale once again as you promised? And where’s the premium CV?
A. We didn’t promise anything. Both ships were on sale temporarily. During the last sales, almost none were sold, that’s why they won’t be put on sale in the near future. Warspite may be available at the end of May with Jutland. Regarding Tirpitz, maybe with the release of German BB’s (August).

Q. And what about a premium CV?
A. Last week, we did a survey of 40k people regarding what they think about introducing a premium CV in the game. We have already modeled Saipan. We have different options: sell it to everybody, sell it only to CV players or not introduce a premium CV at all. Currently, 11% of players play CV’s. 80% don’t know how to play CV’s at all. Other reasons were already given on the forum (due to CV mirror matchmaking, it’s very difficult to release a premium CV, which could become overpowered if researchable CV’s were nerfed). According to the survey we did on the forum, European and Russian servers don’t want a premium CV whereas Asian and US servers do.

Q. Will you introduce new CV lines?
A. Not this year. We have modeled all of the IJN CV’s : Kaga, Akagi, Shinano. All of them are refitted BB’s. There’s still the cruiser-carrier Tone, we may create a CV subclass starting out of the BB line.

Q. When are clans coming?
A. During the first half of 2016.

Q. When do you plan on having a unified economy?
A. We’re nearly done. We’ve already finished the technical part.

Q. When will you introduce new IJN and US lines, a new CV line, and a split cruiser tree?
A. When it’s ready.

Q. Will you put battleship Ise in the game?
A. Perhaps, in the CV subclass and it’d be researchable.

Q. Apart from Kongo and Myoko, will there be more ARP ships?
A. We will examine how the event went. We have only modeled the Kongo-class so far.

Q. When do yo plan to introduce French and Italian lines?
A. Not until 2017.

Q. What rating would you give the game on a scale of one to ten?
A. 8, there’s still ways to improve.

Q. Whose idea was it to buff US DB’s?
A. Vlegris’s and Ainen’s. Torpedoes did a lot of damage and bombs didn’t. That’s why they were buffed.
Q. When will there be a patch with CV’s nerfs?
A. We have no plans to do that.
Q. When will you implement PvE content?
A. During the second half of the year we will focus on PvE content, we already have a lot of plans.
Q. When will you release a premium IJN or US CV?
A. US CV, this year. IJN CV, next year.
Q. When will you make CV gameplay more complex?
A. We already made IJN CV gameplay more complex by adding converging torp drops; we’ll think of something for US CV’s.
Q. How many players have between 12 and 18? How does this number evolve? Is it necessary to attract them? Could you raise age rating from 12+ [In Russia, the game is forbidden to children under 12, in EU, the rating is 7+]?
A. I’m in favor of raising the age restriction. The proportion of those players is less than 10%, there’s nearly no players under 16. At the time of our TV advertisement campaign, this group of people increased. Kids don’t like the game.

Q. Naturally, kids like dynamic games.
A. Indeed, the game is perfect for meditation, particularly at high tiers.

Q. Do you plan to sell Diana?
A. Next month with MTC (Russian phone operator).

Q. Do you plan to release low tier ships? Such as Olympia?
A. Olympia is unlikely. We have some low tier ships planned, such as Smith and Katori. We don’t want to put incentives for experienced players to play with newbies.

Q. Do you plan to introduce ships not belonging to any nation present in the game? Or did it prove to be a failed experiment?
A. The experience was positive, but we’d do it if Turkish, Dutch or Spanish players played more actively. Polish players play quite a lot, so we released Blyskawica. The same applies to the Pan-Asian ships. We will add Moltke to the German tree.

Q. Do premium ships pay off their development costs?
A. 15 times.

Q. Will you release a tier 8 US premium ship?
A. We have a tier 7 US cruiser ready to be released in May-June.

Q. Why are there problems with US cruisers?
A. Thin armour and no torpedoes is why they’re worse than IJN cruisers.

Q. Will you add Varyag?
A. Unlikely. We first have to ask collectors, then we may think about it, but not this year.
Q.  When will you release a new DD line?
A.  Maybe at the end of the year.
Q. Will there be a Pan-European tree?
A. It’s doubtful, we have no plans to add it.
Q. Will you add researchable ships to the Pan-Asian tree?
A.  Everything is possible.
Q. Could you do a survey about what premium ship to add next?
A. We could, but it would take at least 9 months to create the ship and release it, and everybody would have forgotten.
Q. What’s going on with Tone?
A. We have postponed it for now, we may move it from tier 8 to tier 6, we may also add it to the CV subclass.
Q. When will you add a tier 5-6 premium ship? Except the Warspite?
A. We will release two during Spring.
Q. Will you add a female voice?
A. Lisa signed up for it, look it up on the forum.

Q. Will there be more PvE events?
A. Some devs are against it so they will only happen every once in a while.

Q. How many retired people play the game?
A. About 25% are war veterans, 20% of players are 50 old or more.

Q. Who thought about nerfing BFT and AFT?
A. Vlegris.

Q. Why did you choose Profintern and not Krasnyj Krym?
A. It would be hard to read for Europeans.

Q. When will you release Soviet BB’s?
A. Not soon, not this year.

Q. When will you release tier 5-6 premium ships, what nations?
A. We have many plans, during all this year, we will release premiums around those tiers, there’s even a French ship.


Q. When do you plan to add Dutch and Swedish ships?
A. We have no plans to do it.
Q. When will you add pocket battleships?
A. This year (likely as premiums).
Q. Is there a chance you’ll add Alaska, Stalingrad and other large cruisers?
A. Absolutely.
Q. Will 460mm be the biggest caliber in the game?
A. Yes.
Q. Will there be reenactments of historic battles?
A. Yes, but not like we did for tanks.
Q. Will you add minefields, shallows and forts?

A. Forts, yes. No for the rest.
Q. Do you plan to add more customization options?
A. Yes, there will be a lot of that during this year.
Q. What is your long-term perspective?
A. Our goal is to bring people to the game so they can have fun.
Q. Will Mikasa be purchasable in the premium shop in the near future?
A. Yes.