Possible Premiums: Tier 6 Flakpanzer Panther

By SovietTenkDestroyer
Don’t get me wrong! The last thing I want to do is to keep giving WarGaming ideas for premiums. However, these premiums are way too weird and have major drawbacks to be actual normal tanks. This will be a new series (If Seb allows it) where I propose some of the semi-normal to weirdest vehicles that in my opinion, can’t fit into the tree normally. I was originally going to do the Chrysler TV-8, but I found out the gun stuck in place :/
Tier 6 Premium: Rheinmetall Flakpanzer Panther Flakpanzer Panther.png
In 1941, Krupp started to design a VFW (Versuchsflakwagen) with the 8,8cm Flak L/71 AA gun. This vehicle was to incorporate parts from the Luchs, Leopard (Light tank), Tiger, or Panther. It was then decided to redesign the VFW using Leopard components. With one exception, it was to use smaller road wheels and wider tracks than the Panther. This redesigned vehicle was known as the VFW II. It was decided that the basis of the VFW II was now going to be Panther II and the Panther tanks ready to be converted were sent back. This most likely delayed the production of this vehicle. While this was going on, Rheinmetall-Borsig was developing their own version of this vehicle. This is the vehicle that I’m proposing. The chassis mainly used Panther components. These components were final drives, foot controls, steering gears, linkages, transmission, Maybach HL 230 Engine, etc. This vehicle used a large turret that housed a 8,8cm Flak 41 L/74 (same as Flak Bus). This turret had the capability of being detached and mounted on the ground with four outriggers which of course provided stability. In 1943, development decreased of both Rheinmetall and Krupp’s vehicles because more urgent designs with few crew members were needed. It was also scrapped because the stationary Flak 8,8cm were capable of handling high-flying aircraft. Gameplay wise, this vehicle will play very closely to the “Toaster” or “Flak Bus” at tier 5. Fragile, large, fast, paper armor, and armed with a powerful gun. It also has a fully rotating turret that the “Flak bus” doesn’t. In practice, will this be a good premium? I don’t know for sure. It’s large which means that it has no camo, but it also has a fully rotating turret with an 8,8cm. Overall, this vehicle might be mediocre to decent, but premiums aren’t supposed to be as good as their regular counterparts.
Flakpanzer Panther Turret Rotating.png

Flakpanzer Panther Elevation.png
Health points: 890
Weight: 30-43 tonnes (Estimate)
Speed: 55/20
Engine: 700
Power-to-weight: 23-16.27 HP/T
Hull traverse: 30
Turret traverse: 33
Viewrange: 350-360
Hull armor: 80/40/40 or paper
Turret armor: Paper
Gun: 8,8cm Flak 41 L/74
Damage per minute: 2200
Penetration: 194/247/44
Damage: 240/240/295
Aim time: 2.3
Accuracy: 0.31-0.33
Depression: ?/+90 (Possibly -5)