Seaplane Carrier Proposal

GrimmaceNA made another WoWS historical article for us:
Greetings everyone, there was some talk about premium carriers and seaplane tenders as carriers. I really think the seaplane carrier/ tender is a good idea as it would help out some navies in the game.

I am showing you the French Commandant Teste. Teste was a purpose built seaplane carrier built to not go against the French aircraft carrier tonnage limit of the Washington treaties. Teste was completed around 1929.
An impressive ship, Teste was designed to carry 26 aircraft of various types. They were launched via four catapults or placed on the water itself. Armament consisted of 12 3.9 inch dual purpose guns, with various smaller AA guns. Speed was a decent 20.5 knots.
If Wargaming were going to allow this ship in game that would increase the actual carriers used by France in the allowed time frame to about 5 or 6. I don’t have any information yet on possible carrier designs by France during the time period, if there were any.
Now I would put this at tier three or four. I would give it air groups of 3 planes if tier three or groups of 4 if tier four. Balancing should not be to hard, but I think wargaming can handle it. If implemented in game there could be a French CV line from tier three or four to tier seven or eight with real ships.

Source: Jane’s Fighting Ships of WWII