Slava Makarov Q&A – 7th February 2016

– Slava does not like the new mode;
– initially, premiums were not intended to be significantly worse than regular tanks, just not as good; it is unclear if this statement has any direct consequences;
– the corridors are not as easy to handle, since even open maps become corridor-like since one can shoot across the whole map so movement without being attacked is possible only in small areas; heatmaps show for example that Prokhorovka is a corridor map;
– the MM is being changed right now;
– the roles/tasks of classes will be made more “obvious”;
– Slava was given the task to make a list of current shortcomings of tanks – he wrote 72 pages (only listing, without any solution propositions), which not only contained problems within the game, but also an assesment of various WG departments;
– responding to complaints about the useless new maps, SLava wrote that they try to bring back an old, experienced map designer whose work was highly appreciated;
– quote: “really screwed up last year, but nothing unfixable”;
– it’s problematic to assemble the big picture, however it’s obvious that Slava has particular claims to Pankov in regards of his work quality;
– on a reminder about PvE, Slava answered that there are certain technical problems, which were only solved recently;
– Slava also worked on Master of Orion, he says that over there, work is progressing quite well;
– the usual remark “engine’s crap, gib new one” it was found out that WG has worked during the last two years on a new one;
– Pasholok posted a photo of Swedish artillery with a 14-round-drum, hopefully this didn’t mean anything;
– answering to the remark “you invented tanks, and they broke them”, Slava said that “not quite, but VERY VERY close, Rubicon had all the chances to do so with this crap”;
– as an answer about the roots of hate towards arty, Slava answered with an already stated sentence (paraphrased): “because it kills tanks behind cover (which was quite intended), but leaving cover is useless because then they’re killed by everyone else (which was not intended and not happening in the past)”;
– Slava tries to push a ranked mode;
– Slava doesn’t like cybersports;
– to the phrase “old WoT has too much to fix, make a new one” Slava answered “that’s another story” – intrigue?