Version 9.14: Supertest Summary

Graphic Changes and Effects


Feature Description
Improved Vehicle Movement Physics and Improved Sounds The work on Improving the Vehicle Movement Physics and the Sounds has come to its final stage.
In terms of the Super Test, there will be final tests conducted before the release of the Common Test of Version 9.14. You’ll be able to find out more details about the changes on the portal a little later.
Vehicle draw distance and spotting range on minimap The minimap has been supplemented with circles to show the vehicle draw distance, the maximum spotting range and the player’s current spotting range. The spotting range circle depends on many factors that affect the value of the vehicle’s view range (set equipment like Coated Optics / Binocular Telescope, crew skills / perks, consumables, etc.).
The opportunity to switch on/off draw distance display and spotting range circles has also been added to the settings.
Improved mechanics of activating First Aid Kit and Repair Kit Changed the logic of using Small Repair Kits and Small First Aid Kits. Now, if the consumable is used when there is just one damaged module/injured crew member, there will be no need to manually choose the module/crew member for repair/aid. The repair/treatment in that case will be done automatically.
Simplified vehicle module research for beginners To simplify the process of familiarising new players to the game, the research system for Tiers I and II has been changed. Tier I Vehicles will have just one module available for research – a gun. Tier II vehicles will get the opportunity to research one module of each type (engine, gun, suspension, radio, turret).
Goal-setting Personal Missions (Manoeuvres) for Tiers IV-V Beginners will receive special goal-setting personal missions, that are intended to introduce the game specifics of different vehicle types in World of Tanks.


New vehicles for testing:


T25 Pilot Number 1

leKpz M 41 90 mm

Grille 15

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP (Seb: TAP Mascot pls)

Sentinel AC IE2 IV

Changes to Tanks

Vehicle Change
T28 Prototype Added the opportunity to install Improved Ventilation Class 3.
T95E2 The shared qualification of the “Radio Operator” is moved from the Commander to the Loader
Waffenträger auf E 100: This vehicle is planned to be removed from the German tech tree, and the Grille 15 will be introduced as the replacement Tier X tank destroyer in the respective line. This will not happen with Update 9.14, however. The exact date will be announced at a later time.
HD Vehicles

Reworked 24 vehicles for HD quality:

  • USSR: А-20, IS-6, MS-1
  • Germany: VK 72.01 K, E 25, VK 30.01 H, Nashorn, Pz.Kpfw. T 25, G.W. Tiger
  • USA: T1 Heavy, M44, T28 Prototype, T40, M53/55, T20
  • UK: Crusader, AT 15, Sexton II
  • France: 105 LeFH18B2, AMX 50 Foch (155)
  • Japan: Chi-Ni, Type 96 Chi-Ha, Type 5 Ke-Ho, Type 3 Chi-Nu

You can find out more about the tanks reworked to HD-quality in the In Development section of our website.

The Super Test will also feature a Polish tank and nation tab. There are plans to add Poland as a playable nation to the game. Currently, there are internal tests being conducted on the proposed tech tree and the respective vehicles. However, this content will not be implemented to the game with the upcoming update. Please visit our official website regularly for more info on the subject.

Graphic Changes and Effects

New map for Rampage game mode: Paris
Map improvements: Sacred Valley


Change Description
Personal Reserve UI improvements
  • Personal Reserves are available in all modes, except for Battle Training, Tank Company Battles and Trainings
  • Changes made to the UI of Personal Reserves activation
Improvements to Rampage mode
  • Improved the UI of Rampage mode
  • Revised the battle loading window and teams lists that appear after pressing TAB
Clan profile Various UI improvements to the Clan Profile