Looking for new contacts

Good evening friends. I will go straight to the subject: In order to improve the blog quality (satisfied with WoWS, but not so much with WoT, too few leaks), I need to know as many people as possible (top clans, non-English WoT/WoWS bloggers, supertesters, Russian people with ties to WoT). No matter the server.
So I request you, if you are part of a top clan, please email/comment with your teamspeak adress (I will join in order to make new friends), and if you know any valuable people, please email me how to contact them here:
In other news, we breached the monthly views record and made 300.000 views in January alone. Thanks a lot guys for reading every day. I want to develop TAP as the greatest WoT/WoWS blog ever, and I learn every day from my mistakes (really sorry for capslocking in the past…). Also I looked at an infographic on WoT (and WoWS) interest over time. Will post and make a commentary tomorrow about it.