World of Warships Community Assistant!

World of Warships Community Assistant is a non-official, login free gaming companion application with all the data, graphs and resources to succeed. With multiple graphs, hundreds of stats and a comparison tool, this app lets you see how to grow, what ships you do the best in and see who is the best captain. If that isn’t enough, see every tiny detail about the ships you have played with and your stats compared to other player’s stats in one simple graph. So get downloading and set sail with WoWS Community Assistant as your first mate!

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Features of WoWS CA:
– Player stats, graphs and per ship data in pvp and ranked.
– Compare yourself or others against up to 2 other people.
– See all achievements in the game and how to get them.
– Detailed graphs that build up as you use the app. Over 100 of them.
– Data presented on every aspect of the game you play.
– Shipopedia: way to view every part of each ship and how well it does in game.
– Shipopedia Statistical graphs for every tier and ship in the game using WarshipStats information.
– Straight comparison to show you how well you perform compared to the average player.
– Easy to access quick links for Websites (Soon TAP will be included), Tools, Youtubers and Twitch streamers.
– World-wide server information page for WoT and WoWs.
– Colorblind Mode (Still improving)
Link to the app store:
Screenshots of the app: