Q&A – 28th January 2015

Thanks Vlad :mrgreen:
1. Anti “troll-platoon” system: Currently, a first version of this exists, but it is very raw. The problem is that while each tank has its battle tiers, it also has tiers where it still can cause significant damage. For example, the KV-2 has a maximum battle tier of 8, but can still cause damage at tier 9 if driven by a skilled player.
2. Mikhail Zhivets (Storm): It is currently reported that Storm’s self-PR blog on livejournal (as kruta) is discontinued by his own initiative. There are rumors that he simply “said too much”. (Seb: I guess that means no more WoT TAP Q&As, damn, I feel disturbed about it, and really, he did not disclose anything crucial…)
3. 2016 is the year of quality: these words stated by Wargaming are their motto for this year. Now there is no question if raw content should be released or not (i.e. only quality). With this, there will be less patches and in longer intervals. (Seb: that means better mods)