RU WoWS Forums: 0.5.3 Changes

Translated by Vlad. He is really busy (like me) so he deserves some praise. Without him, the blog would be of a much lower quality.
Version 0.5.3 will bring complex changes to AA mechanics and to characteristics of air wings on a considerable amount of carriers. The changes will be applied to:
1. Slightly smoothen the difference between planes of different tiers;
2. Focus more on the role of groups of ships with AA destroyers;
3. Heighten the impact of high-tier cruisers on the AA scene of the battle;
4. Heighten the precentage of plane losses in higher tiers, and slightly lessen them on lower ones;
The changes currently passed the first supertest and corrections as a result of feedback are implemented. The 0.5.3 public test is to be awaited to see the full impact of these changes.