Modern Tank Prediction/Proposal in WoT

Based on some interesting info from the past (we still do not know how true it is) that announced possible tier 11 tanks, SovietTenkDestroyer made a proposal. Off-topic: Seb just found a huge stash of historical articles worth translating. I selected the stuff that was not covered before, the most interesting things and not common tanks like M3 Stuart. Expect some cool Soviet TDs.)
So this is my prediction/proposal of modern tanks in World of Tanks. As some of you might know, AW’s tier 3s are WoT’s tier 10’s. This is also a reason why it stops at tier 17. What I mean by “proposal/prediction is that this is what I think modern tanks in WoT will look like and this a proposal if I am wrong. I’m not expert on modern stuff as I am in pre-war, World War II, and post-war, but I still have enough knowledge to make a educated guess. It would make the trees less copy and pasty but due to Russian tanks and how there isn’t a new tank every decade (Except for the Soviet/Russians) but a new tank every 30 years, it makes it hard to make a branch that won’t be extremely unbalanced and realistic while not making it copy and pasty. So here is my idea for Modern tanks.
United States Branch:
American branch.png
As you see here, it’s my prediction/proposal. I’m going to assume everyone knows what a M1 Abrams is, but not as much people know about the CATTB.
It’s a upgraded M1 Abrams with a 140mm gun, different turret, and some minor upgrades. There were rumors of it being combined with the M1A3 project (Economical M1 Abrams) ,but I’m not sure how strong are those rumors. There’s also many different M1 Abrams including the XM1. Which is a prototype. The MBT-70 is a joint project between the U.S. and Germany.
Germany’s MBT-70 was to be armed with a 120mm and the U.S.’s MBT-70 was to be armed with a 152mm rocket launcher. Lastly, if you don’t know what the M60 “Starship” is, it’s a rocket launcher on a M60. It was named Starship for the futuristic turret design.
German Branch:
German Branch.png
The German branch also faces the same problem of copy and paste. One thing I forgot to mention in the “United States Branch” paragraph is that the MBT-70 is the father of two children. They are the Leopard 2 and the M1 Abrams, just felt like it needed to be known. Unfortuntely, there is no candidate for tier 12 that I could find, if you have any suggestions, let me know. The KPz-70 is just the German name for the MBT-70 with a 120mm. Not much else to say except that the top tier is the Leopard 2A8 which was recently revealed. Not much else to say.
Leopard 2A8 and 2A4.jpg
Soviet/Russian Branch
Soviet and Russian branch.png
Oh boy! This is the most diverse tree in this prediction/proposal. I’m going to guess is that the Soviets and the Russians thought that needing a new tank every ten years is necessary. Every tank is not necessarily unique in how they play but at least they all look different. This also makes a problem… The U.S. and Germans tend to upgrade their equipment over time instead of making a new model every decade. If you’re wondering why the T-72 is lower tier than the T-64, the T-72 was actually supposed to be a worse tank to the T-64 while the T-64 was supposed to be given to elite regiments.
This was also the same case with later T-72s with ERA, composite armor, etc and the T-80. If you’re also wondering why the T-62 is in tier 11, this is a T-62 armed with a 115mm. The T-90 is basically a T-72 with T-80 equipment while the T-90AM is a redesign of the T-90 with a new turret that looks very western.
If you been living under a rock and you don’t know what the T-14 is, it’s a tank that was based off the T-80 suspension with a unmanned turret and a whole lotta’ upgrades. It also carries a heavily upgraded 125mm that was first present on the T-64.