AW Gold: May be a hoax after all

Russian Source:
We know already about AW’s advertising campaign. However, the players suspected some kind of trick, which happens to take place actually. elusively stated that the gold will be accounted in some game “WoT”, not explicitly “World of Tanks”. And now a flash game with the title “WoT” came up!
Now can, having decoyed a handful of players and given them gold in World of Tanks, trick all others by sending the gold to this flash game.
2500 gold in the “WoT” flash game, who didn’t ever dream about that?
The players already suspect a conspiracy since the since isn’t quite official, very new and the game itself is quite old. support is stubbornly not stating the precise name of the game.
Moreso, World of Tanks developers warned that the payment can be withdrawn by and as such, will block the receivers account. However, such an option is not probable, but the devs warn of such scenarios nevertheless.