6 thoughts on “(ASIA, NA, EU) Arpeggio Missions are Live

  1. They are on na too. But there is more to it.you have until feb 1 for Kongou missions in sequence using tier 5 and above to a) sink 30 cruisers. B) destroy 150 aircraft and c) do 1,000,000 hp damage. The rewards are a) 1,000,000 credits b) 10,000 free experiance c) and for all 3 completed – free port slot, Kongou, commander and fire control upgrade.
    Not that easy for most of us in 30 days or at least me. 😠

      1. I also checked the challengers tab. \”Destruction at sea\” – destroy 100 ships. And two versions of \”Hunters\” – sink 1 Japanese ship restriction is ARP Myoko for one and ARP Kongo for the other.
        All 3 have 1/1 -1/2 as their date range.

  2. Already got the Kongo, who else? Cute jap voices indeed! Gives me new boost to play lower tiers again. If any questions arise, feel free to ask!

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