On WoWS Supertester Cheating – Official Response

This is pretty interesting. From the official forums.

To whom it may concern,
On Friday the 18th, a senior member of the Supertest group, Coordinator Ducat1st0, opened a thread in which some images appeared, showing a lead indicator from an ill-famous mod. Using the lead indicator mod or “aim assist” (popularly known as “Aimbot”), not only constitutes a moral fault, but also is something both developers and WG staff have positioning themselves against, stating clearly that it is not an allowed modification. This topic, and all subsequent reactions or answers by Ducat1st0, resulted in a very unpleasant atmosphere in the forums and other media, this unfortunately showed the Supertest in a negative light, and was obviously an inappropriate decision on Ducat’s behalf.

After this issue arose in the forums, Wargaming staff conducted an investigation to determine whether Ducat1st0 did, in fact, use an illegal modification. The conclusion reached was that it was not possible to prove nor disprove the fact that an aim assist was used, and ultimately, only Ducat1st0 will know if he really cheated or not. This whole situation resulted in Ducat’s resignation from his position in the Supertest, this decision was entirely his and was communicated to us even before a conclusion was reached by WG’s personnel on their investigation.

He was not, in any way imaginable, forced or coactioned to leave the Supertest by any other supertester or by WG itself, and while this situation does not bring us joy in the slightest way, we shall respect his choice and we hope most of you can do the same.

Below you can see Ducat’s resignation message as posted by him on Sunday:

View PostDucat1st0, on 20 December 2015 – 07:51 AM, said:

It is with great regret that I have been put into this irreversible decision to resign completely from the Supertest team. I have been ill over the past couple of days and it has given me much time to ponder my decision. I know it is the right one as I feel relieved, as looking back, I have given so much of my time it has dominated a large part of my life.

The reasons for leaving though are many fold. Although what I did (that sparked this furore) was an innocent attempt at humour, it has been received completely opposite to my original intention. Part of the reason for my leaving, is to try to limit the distrust that a small but vociferous part of the forum community have for the Supertest team (and WG as well). I am of an age where I was taught to be positive, always try your best, never give up. The first two aspects I believe I have done but for the third, I have failed that. The world is in turmoil and although I want it to improve, I can have little effect, the forum too is in turmoil, but in this case I can do something, leave.

The poisonous minority have proved to be too much for me, no matter my defence and belief of WG, my views and positivity were always trampled on (and other Supertesters as well). They have proved to be just too toxic and negative, always attacking the establishment at the soonest moment. They still are lambasting me, and I know, no matter what I say or do it will mean nothing to them, they want a head, well they can have mine.

I have been fortunate though in virtually meeting many good people here, and it is those that I want to apologise to for leaving. They know me reasonably well and have been generally supportive with which I am thankful. But for that toxic minority that populate the forum, it is because of them that made my decision even easier.

Signing off, I wish you all the very best for the Christmas holidays and hope this debacle will die the death it deserves.



We realize over this and other events, that the relationship between the supertesters and other users and the image of the Supertest has been damaged, and to show this is not how we wish the situation to remain, we want to take steps towards the path of improvement. As a consequence of this, from now on, supertesters will maintain respectful behaviour towards fellow players both in the game and in the forums, with our ultimate objective to be at the very least, seen as a well mannered group, which really has an interest to improve the game and help build a great experience for all players.

For the sake of clearing any doubts or questions any of you might have, we will be happy to answer all of them in WoWs public Teamspeak server (address and no password). As for myself, I hand my own skype profile (ttk~chamorro), for the same purpose to serve now and in the future to anybody who would be in need of it.

We are at your disposal, and hope to improve this relationship to make this situation one that is more pleasant to everybody.

As a representative of the supertesters and with Wargaming’s approval for this communication.

Yours faithfully,

Chamorro, Supertest Coordinator

Some other interesting stuff from the thread (by Chamorro):

We will not allow any kind of disrespectful behaviour from any supertester at any user, no matter the reason.

the behaviour of the supertesters would start to be “monitored” closely. Until now supertesters were considered regular user forums as far as moderation was concerned, and their forum behaviour was not really taken into account in the supertest itself (aside from Moderation consequences). Supertesters have never been in a privileged situation or have recieved any “special treatment” from moderation, and all those who deserved warning points, received them. If a situation were the supertesters seemed to have preferential treatment by moderation took place, it was never intentioned, since they were, and are, supposed to abyde by the same rules as the rest of furum users.

But from now on, as stated, supertesters will mantain respectful behaviour towards other players and not only will be warned or punished by moderation in case they break the rules (as it was until now), but there will be also additional measures taken to ensure the well-manners of every single supertester who wishes to stay as such.

I excuse my words if they have given the perception that “Until now we were not doing anything, but from now on we will”, when what I wanted to transmit was “From now on, we will be specially keen on supertester’s actions towards the community”

I apologize again for the words I chose to express it and thank you for calling it to my attention so it could be cleared right away.