On Blog Quality

I know that the last days were supposed to be a lot better in terms of blog material and stuff. I saw people complaining that I post anime and not a single historical article, while others simply insulted me and picked a fight. Not an easy situation to be in (deeply making me sad) and I simply could not contain my anger. Sorry about that. Will think twice before doing anything in the future. People need to learn from mistakes, right?

Wonder why I re-post War Thunder stuff? I simply play that game. Mostly planes, I admit. And because the developers actually do something, and implement new stuff constantly. WG did postpone Czech tanks A LOT, let alone the murdered EU tree. Yes, murdered. I will never forgive them for that. Because of that, there are tanks that do not have any other choice than to be premiums in other trees (poor Hungarian ones for example).

Remember, it is a blog. It encompasses all the stuff I care about. And its quality improved. I used to not have Q&As at all, to use Google Translate and correct the stuff resulted, and to get fake news. Also, no unique articles – at all (from spies and stuff).

Also, you can always use the categories from the sidebar if you really want WoT (or WoWS) only articles…

I decided to focus more on the blog and be more silent. I have to get those historical articles at once.

So please, give me suggestions while I select the questions that will be forwarded to the developers.

What I want for this Christmas is to provide a better quality.