WoWS Supertester Cheating

I KNOW THAT AIMBOT MOD. It is not that good, it does not help you aim proprely at moving targets. But still… it is an aimbot and that supertester made a forum thread about it. 👿

Forum thread (closed and video deleted):

I think that it is this aimbot: Link


Redditor SS-GR3 summed the incident pretty well:

Facts: (Can be followed via the closed threads)

  1. ST posts the thread where he makes fun of a person accusing him of aimbotting on the live servers. He uploads the screenshots in question in the post.
  2. People start asking what the suspicious white circle in the screenshots are.
  3. ST replies that it is a scalable crosshair from a well known mod pack (40 minutes after the initial post)
  4. People call him out that there is nothing that looks like the screenshot in the aforementioned mod pack, and some people start raising suspicion that the screenshot looks like an aim assist mod.
  5. ST edits out everything in his post and takes down the screenshots without offering any further explanation (other than ‘I would never do that’) (2.5 hours after initial post)
  6. Thread is closed by a mod ‘at the request of the OP(the ST)’ (8 hours after initial post)
  7. ST posts a thread with his explanation (24 hours after initial post)

ST’s explanation (EDITED): He ran the replay with the aimbot, meaning to edit in arrows as a joke before uploading the pictures. Then he had to AFK and when he returned the thing had blown up.

Why this explanation makes no sense to me:

  1. If the ST used the aim assist circles as a ‘joke’ then he obviously was expecting that people would ask about the aim assist circles. However, his actions afterwards clearly show a person who is flustered and wants to sweep the issue under the rug. If it was a joke why did he not say so instead of claiming that ‘it was a scalable crosshair’ and DELETING the original post and screenshots?
  2. He claims he had to leave and when he returned the issue had blown up. But as his post history shows, he was reading and replying to the thread 2+ hours after it was initially posted, and long after people started accusing him of aimbotting. He clearly had more than enough time to explain that it was a joke. But instead he claims that it was an innocuous mod, deletes the original post and screenshots and asks a mod to close the thread.