WoWS XVM? Nope, stats will be hidden after all

Thanks to Sharana from the EU WoWS forums. And to

That was open question for a long time, I even saw working prototype of ingame XVM mod. But today in the 5.2 russian stream the devs annonced that they will add option to completely hide your stats. They will introduce that till the end of 2015 or if there are problems in january 2016. I guess that puts end to the discussion about XVM in WoWs and one game about tanks says hi :D


Other stuff mentioned in that stream:

– they have prototype of weather and it looks promising, STs will be able to see it relatively soon (Seb: MORE LEAKS BOIS)

– they have prototype of ingame armoring schemes that will allow us to study the armor on the ships themself in the port

– they work on gamemode with PvE elements

– more perks for the captains will come relatively soon


The stream itself:….h?v=fTC4BRWn1CU