T-34-2. Could it be reworked?

Made by Strike Witch Tomoko (sorry for posting it so late! ūüėõ )

right now T-34-2 is one of the…really rare tier 8s. most people prefering to go light tanks instead of med. ¬†this isn’t just because lights let you start WZ-120 with 189 pen and handling. ¬† but also cause its an easier grind than medium.

T-34-1 is decent, but T-34-2 has very little to offer in terms of moving up a tier.

with the T-44’s buff. T-34-2’s 100mm gun is losing its “higher pen”. (before it had 175 vs chinese 181. ¬†now it has 183 vs chinese 181.)

would this be a good time to give T-34-2 the WZ-132’s top gun. ¬† ¬†this doesnt mean it would recieve WZ-132’s gun handling during movement, traverse. ¬† ¬†just the gun pen/aim time/accuracy. ¬†dpm would stay same as now.

cause right now, here what its looking like





right now T-44 has                         T-34-2 has

superior frontal hull,                        shell velocity

side hull,                                          turret traverse handling

hp/t                                                 terrain resistance

pen                                                hull traverse

dpm                                               radio range

accuracy                                       turret

aim time

ammo capacity


gun depression

engine hp

turret traverse

this change would keep Chinese with more pen, give them equal aim time.  and close to the same pen (T-44 still has better).    other than that little change, but a comforting one for T-34-2.

it would act (like WZ-132) as another upgrade gun. but would lead to the tank being a more ideal upgrade path to WZ-120. and more comforting than it currently is.

-yes i know about the 122mm buff, but the T-34-2 with 122mm is still inferior to T-44 with 100mm