Q&A – 7th December 2015

– the possibility to go directly to a tank’s statistics in the client will come in the future;

– there are plans to edit the conditions of the “Last stand” personal missions, however it’s not decided yet;

– the refinement of the first tanks that came out in HD is continuing, no fixed date yet;

– the fact that tier 8’s are thrown into tier 10 battles very often, and if there will be MM improvements regarding this – “there’s nothing we can say”

– there are no official statements regarding any information about potential Polish vehicles;

– a buff of the HP/pen of the Czech tier 10 Skoda TVP T50/51 and fixes of frequent ammorack damages of the Chinese WZ-132 are not planned at the moment;

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– regarding the change of the roof armor on the T34, the devs asked to compare the structures of the old and new T34. it’s visible that the vulnerable space stayed the same – the space on the roof became a bit wider, but the weakspot on the commander’s hatch was removed almost completely;

– answering the complaints of players that the main advantage of the T34 – “tanking with the turret” – was nerfed, devs respond that this is not true, it’s as (non-)penetrable in this area as it was before;