WoT Blitz: Update 2.4

Again, thanks to Vlad, our new translator!

In early December, WoT BLitz Update 2.4 will be released.

– The tech tree will now contain a branch of 3 light and 10 medium Japanese vehicles;

– One winter map will be added, one existing map will be reworked;

– Balancing changes will affect 42 low-tier vehicles and a few other tanks;

– Bug fixes and other changes;


Together with this update, WoT Blitz for Windows 10 will be released!

– At first, Blitz was only available on iOS, half a year later on Android. Now Windows 10 users will be able to join the mobile battles!

– Since players on Windows 10 are not only phone and tablet, but also PC users, the battles will be split in 2 categories depending on the input type of the device and will not meet on the field of battle.

“Players with keyboard and mouse will fight separately from players using haptic input devices”

Other significant changes are not planned for the WIndows 10 version of the game. The exact date and other details of the update will be provided additionaly. Watch the news!