Q&A 1st December 2015

– the developers acknowledge that the gameplay on the “Stalingrad” map has problems;

– to players questioning the buff of all of the tier VIII MT in regard of no buff for the Type 59 the devs suggest not to forget the beneficial MM;

– the problem occuring to some players with the display of the visual representation of the landscape has its source in lack of RAM;

– players are complaining about the nerf of personal reserves and income in the “Steel hunt” mode, however nothing was touched in either. Storm: “While putting together the patchnotes, I personally checked the tasks. The problem of “my income was nerfed” somehow always happens to some players, so I developed a kind of immunity to such complaints. Statistics will show everything”;

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– many players complain about the uselessness of the patches and as whether the devs consider the wishes of the playerbase at all, read comments and such – yes, reading as well as considering;

– the priority list of the devs, complied from player feedback as well as own desicions: SPG, MM, interface, spotting system;

– Storm’s opinion on the current changes to the game is that the players should stop hating so much – in particular, the removal of recent bugs and the “return” of old “debts”;

– regarding the start of new personal missions – no statement can currently be given;

– regarding the SPG rotation bug, the mouse rotation was fixed with the micropatch, the keyboard rotation however still poses a problem;

– regarding the suggestion that a penetration of the gun/mantlet should knock out the gun, however deal no damage – the simulation of the shell size would eat up too much resources and would cause many “confusing situations”;

– regarding different sounds per caliber on the current test – the pattern is not different from the current, 6 “calibers” for all weapons, this will be expanded in the future;

– regarding the lack of inertia on moving and stopping the tank – after feedback from cybersport players the inertia was cut;

– responding to complaints about giving the cybersport players a separate server – “they are basically a mirror of the experienced playerbase, whcih happens to be the core of the WoT community”;

– the physics test is launched many times to collect many different opinions;

– players have noticed that sometimes after accelerating the tank, it seems impossible to stop it, all controls react except the movement of the tank – that’s because of lags/packet loss, turret control is still visible in the client, but the information does not reach the server;

– players have noticed that on the test client, old versions of the personal missions are displayed, this is because the test server uses an old base version of the client;

– the physics test client has no descriptions of bonuses which give +2% to the gunner – “you shouldn’t look at other features at all on the physics test, since it is patched together from different parts of the client and can have some outdated/scrapped features”;

– players are interested what, if anything, changed from last interation of physics test: SPGs still cannot drift, hills of about 40 degree angle stop 65-tonne-tanks (gif) – “in the provided example the “hill” isn’t 40 degrees, it’s at least 50, the player basically crashed into the hill at speed, so all kinetic energy basically went “into” the “hill. a real-life tank would probably stall after such an impact”;

– flipping tanks over was not removed from the test;

– the acceleration parameters of the tanks are in no case less than the current ones, since the devs used automated as well as manual tests to verify this;

– regarding other bugs on the physics and sound test – “this is the physics and sound test, everything else is not to be paid attention to”;