Project R Announcement: Restoring the Kamikaze!

As previously leaked by TAP :^)


A short time ago, a team of explorers uncovered the wreck of a warship, along with the cargo it was carrying. Among the amazingly well preserved objects found in the ruins was a page belonging to the blueprint of another vessel – the Japanese destroyer Kamikaze.

We suspect that there are more pages hidden under the sea, and that completing the blueprint is a distinct possibility. However, we can’t do this alone – many more resources are needed to salvage the entire contents of the ship and reassemble the blueprint.

That’s why we’re looking for your help.

Project R: Introduction

‘Project R’ is the codename for this community-wide effort to recover the missing blueprint pages for the Kamikaze. To join Project R, simply visit this URL.

Note: Project R will officially begin on 1st December @ 15:00 UTC+8.

The progress of Project R is represented as a linear graph with several nodes between the two ends. These nodes represent the various milestones for Project R, which will unlock a variety of rewards when reached.

At the end of Project R when the last milestone is reached, the blueprints will be considered complete, and all participating players with a contribution score of at least 145 Pearls will be awarded a playable Kamikaze Japanese destroyer, delivered directly to their ports.

Milestones and How to Reach Them

To complete the milestones and make Project R a success, players must accumulate a unique resource called Pearls. Every Pearl collected from each player is counted towards the total, making this a true community effort. The total amount required to complete the last milestone and unlock the Kamikaze will be impossible for even a small group of players to accomplish, so do your part and help out!

Pearls can only be earned by completing special missions, which will be made available to players once they join Project R. Each completed mission will grant a small amount of Pearls to the player. Although Pearls are most important for achieving Project R’s milestones, the individual contributions from each player is also tracked; these will determine the level of reward available to that player when certain milestones are reached.

Project R Rewards

As mentioned before, each milestone reached in Project R will unlock rewards for contributing players, which can include Premium Account time, bonus EXP, credits or Signal flags. Apart from that however, players can also gain access to a weekly draw for a Treasure chest.

Weekly Treasure Chests provide an additional opportunity for players to win even more rewards. Each week, a new Treasure chest will be given to all players (assuming the relevant milestone is achieved), which they can open if the individual Pearl requirement has been met for that week. When opened, they will offer the player one of the following:

  • Camouflage
  • Consumables
  • Signal flags

Additionally, there is also another Treasure chest type available to players when they achieve a higher milestone, which will grant the player special brand-name gaming accessories and peripherals when opened. More details about these special Treasure chests will be made available soon.

Restoring the Kamikaze

The completed blueprint of the Kamikaze lies at the end of Project R. When the last milestone is complete, the event will be over and all players with a contribution of at least 145 Pearls will be awarded with a playable version of the Japanese destroyer!

Join the Project!

Interested in learning more about Project R and joining the hunt for the blueprints? Sign up now to begin!

Remember, the more contributors in the Project, the faster you will receive the rewards and the Kamikaze destroyer, so spread the word to your fellow Commanders.


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Invite Code: PROJECTR

Here’s what the invite code will grant you when you redeem it during account creation:

  • 500 doubloons
  • 100 signal flags
  • 1x USSR Cruiser ‘Diana’

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