Hard times ahead…

This post is not about WoT, WoWS or anything. It is about me. My usual complains about life. Tomorrow I have a major exam. Hope I will succeed… it will be hard.

Also, Facebook demanded a copy of my ID. So, I have to make a new Facebook account all over again because I will lose access to my current one in 6 days! Well, I do not really care about it. I have the opportunity to befriend again only the real friends and like only the best pages 🙂

And, to top it off, my headphones are now broken – sound can still be heard, but stereo is affected: for example, I cannot hear the voices in a WoT video. Cool, huh? So I guess that I will use a part of the ad money to buy myself a new pair (It will be Christmas when I will do that, maybe you guys can forgive me for it). I accept (and would love if you would tell me) any recommendations.

But at least I found my student ID card! Yay!

See you tomorrow, tankers! There was no info today, I checked the foreign sources as usual. I will continue blogging in the usual time interval the following days.