Some interesting WoT Blitz info

Translated by our friend Alex 😀

Source: Blitz NEWS

– If you play on the Asian cluster, you can try the “Girls und Panzer” tank already. If it shows up on RU-region is unknown. This is not planned for “big” (PC) tanks.

– Some info has come up on the EU forum about WG mobile plans, it’s 50% truth.


Micro-patch 2.3.1

– Type 98 Ke Ni Otsu drum reload nerf // definitely fake.

– Small fixes.

– Possibility of new flags, for Japan and China.


Patch 2.4 – Likely coming 1st or 8th December.

– 13 new Japanese tanks.

– Possibility of a standard Type 3 Chi Nu Kai (without Shinobi camo) going on sale.

– Excelsior, T14, SU-122-44 will be available for purchase in-game.

– New clan wars features.

P.S. between 2.4 and 2.5 Type 59 (With special camo, like JgTig 8.8 last year) and Type 62 will be in the shop in special bundles.

Patch 2.5

– New US autoloader line, starting at tier 2 M2 Light Tank and ending in T57 Heavy // Confirmed.

– Maybe some new camouflages.


Patch 2.6

– Training rooms (they are ready at the moment but there’s no hurry for release)

– Chinese line.


In the far future gameplay recording will come.

P.S.S: From Blitz Supertest: Clan emblems on tanks will come next year (decals), and it’s not far to hit marks from there.